Dream of: 29 September 1987 "Mayday"

I was in an airplane with my father and my brother Chris. My father had come to pick me up and take me somewhere. I thought about how nice it was that my father had a plane so he could fly around like that. Not many people were able to do that.

As we flew along, I noticed that we were close to the tops of some large trees and I thought we should go higher away from the trees. But my father didn't want to go higher because quite a bit of turbulence was buffeting the layers of air above the trees and my father didn't want to ascend into that turbulence.

The plane was a propeller type and two propellers were on each wing. As we were flying along, my father commented that one propeller, which he referred to as number two, had stopped functioning. I began to wonder what would happen if all the propellers on one side of the plane were to go out.

My father said we needed to find someplace to land soon. I looked out in front of us; we seemed to be coming over a rise. As we passed over it, I looked down and saw a gigantic valley far below us. We were very high. The valley was craggy with gray rocks. After we passed over, I looked back and realized the valley resembled a crater formed by a gigantic meteor.

We passed over another valley; the entire landscape had become dim, gray and somber.

My father tried to call my mother on the telephone because he knew we must land soon and he thought she might be able to help us, but he was unable to reach her. Finally he made a mayday call to anyone in the area and gave the message to call my mother's mother. He made the mayday call twice and I began to realize the situation had become quite serious. I began to think we might possibly be able to land in an open field, even though I realized that might be dangerous. But I could see we were going to have to do something quickly.


We seemed to still be in the same precarious situation, although we now seemed to be in a room of an old, abandoned building which seemed to have once housed law offices. My father mentioned something about the law offices and I said lawyers probably worked in the building.

A calendar on the wall was turned to the month of October. It had some pictures at the top of each month which appeared to be of some country scene. Since I needed a calendar, I folded it up and put it into my briefcase which I had with me. I then closed my briefcase.

I then put Chris onto my back and began carrying him. He was very heavy; I would have difficulty carrying him very far. I also had my 35mm camera slung around onto my back between us; Chris's weight was causing the camera to press into my back causing me some discomfort.

Although we still seemed to be in the same predicament and were looking for a place to land, I carried Chris outside onto the porch of the building. I was determined to continue carrying Chris, even though he did get off my back for a little while.

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