Dream of: 18 September 1987 "Court-Appointed Lawyers"

I was in a place which resembled judge Schwille's court. Just like in his court, the names of several lawyers had been drawn from a box and put on a typewritten list for court appointments.

I saw that my name was number 4. I counted the number of names on the list and saw that there were more than 20, although at first I had thought there were fewer.

I left the room and saw Schwille enter. But I didn't think he was going to begin appointing lawyers for a while yet. But when I returned to the court he had already begun appointing lawyers and had passed my name. I wouldn't be receiving an appointment.

A lawyer with a strange type of flute walked in. He played it a bit and the sound was very nice. I tried to play it. First I blew it like I would a trumpet. Then I blow it like I would a flute and some notes came out.


Finally I begin drinking some wine from a bottle. I quickly became intoxicated and didn't not well. I didn't understand why I was drinking, since I hadn't drunk any alcohol in such a long time. Schwille was drinking beer from a large bottle.

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