Dream of: 30 June 1987 "Fire Under The Bed"

I had walked into a Seven Eleven store, but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to buy. I wandered back to a room behind the main room and looked around. I noticed a rack with some baseball cards on it. Some cards were singles which looked several years old. The rack couldn't be easily seen from the cash register and I thought it would be very simple for someone to simply stick some of the cards in his pocket. I even thought about what it would be like if I would do such a thing. I wasn't really interested in stealing the cards, but I thought it would be challenging just to see if I could get away with it.

Of course I didn't steal the cards and I walked up toward the counter to the other room. I now noticed a large convex mirror on the wall through which the attendant could see into the back room. However it still appeared to me that the area around where the baseball cards were would be difficult to see and that it would still be relatively easy to steal some.

I looked around the store, and realizing it was such a hot day, I decided I would like to have something cold, like ice cream. However I felt as if I shouldn't be eating ice cream and I could practically feel myself gaining weight around my stomach if I did eat it.

I noticed the ice cream freezer was located right in front of the cash register. It appeared it had recently been put there, and I thought it was a good idea, because some of the coolness of the freezer would drift onto the store attendant and help keep him cool.

I looked into the freezer at the various kinds of ice cream. I saw ice cream bars covered with chocolate and nuts. I also saw some cones with the tops covered with chocolate and nuts. Finally I decided on the bar and pulled one out of the box. I picked off a piece of chocolate from one bar and put it in my mouth. It tasted quite good. I saw a couple bars on the floor and put them back into the freezer so they wouldn't melt.

I walked up to the counter and began eating the bar. A woman (probably in her 40s) was sitting at the counter and I began talking with her. I soon realized she was working on a computer. As we talked, the discussion turned to my dreams. She apparently had read some of my dreams, but her comments about them seemed contradictory. She said she loved to read the dreams, but she seemed to think the content was deplorable.

I was quite puzzled as to how she had been reading my dreams in the first place. Finally I realized she used to clean the room where I used to live across the street. Apparently she had read some of the dreams while she had been cleaning there. In fact, I had the feeling that even now as she was working on the computer she was typing up some of my dreams.

My attention gradually focused on another person in the store -- a woman (about 30 years old). She talked with the woman attendant and they seemed close. In fact they at times put their arms around each other. All the while, the woman attendant continued talking about my dreams. I somehow got the impression the younger woman would like to know more about my dreams. Finally I said to them, "Are you two related?"

The older woman mumbled an answer, but I was still unsure what she said. It did however appear the younger woman's name was Jean.

Jean rapidly approached me and engaged me in conversation. She was slightly overweight, but still quite attractive. Without much warning she drew up next to me and put her arms around me. She uttered, "You looked kind of lonesome."

Without further ado she began kissing me. It had been a very long time since I had kissed a woman and I felt somewhat awkward. Nevertheless I embraced Jean and the feeling was not unpleasant. Actually I was struggling with myself not to let it become pleasant, because I felt as if I didn't want to let myself engage in physical, especially sexual, contact with her.

She raised one of her legs up and pressed it against my penis. It felt a bit painful at first because she seemed to be pressing too hard against my testes. But I realized it had simply been a long time since I had had a woman press against my penis and I had lost my familiarity with the pleasantness of the sensation. But I gradually began to notice the pleasure.

However I was concerned about kissing her because I was uncertain whether AIDS could be transmitted through saliva. Obviously I couldn't have sex with the woman because of the danger of AIDS, and I wondered whether I should stop the kiss, even though it was pleasurable to feel a woman's lips.

The woman was obviously interested in continuing our encounter. She uttered, "If you've got a fire under your bed, I've got a fire under mine."

I realized I must quickly make a decision whether I wanted to have sex with her. I would like to, but I was sure I wouldn't.

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