Dream of: 10 June 1987 "Sensuous Kiss"

I was talking on the phone with my attorney friend Jon while a third fellow also seemed to be talking on the phone with Jon on a third line. I listened to them and they talked about Jon's having moved far out into the country away from everyone. The fellow said he might visit Jon and Jon asked him where he was. The fellow told Jon he was already right outside Jon's door. Apparently the fellow had a mobile phone and had already arrived at Jon's place. Jon hung up and told the fellow to come in.

I thought I would like to visit Jon myself. I was uncertain I would have time to go to his house today, but I did want to see where he lived.


I found myself sitting in the front room of Jon's house. No one else was here. The house was in a rustic area and appeared to be a new house made of either logs or hewn wood.

Sitting in the middle of the floor of the front room was a piece of machinery which appeared to be the motor of a car or some kind of vehicle. I looked the machinery over and began toying with what appeared to be a piston in the machine. Many pieces of the machine were off it and I considered putting it back together. I knew I wouldn't receive any type of remuneration or reward, other than the simple enjoyment of doing it and learning how to do it. But I thought I might do it anyway.


I was in the bedroom of the house sitting on the side of a bed talking to Elise LaGrone who who was also sitting on the bed. We had a fairly long discussion during which I told her I liked her very much and I liked being with her. I also explained to her that I didn't want to have any kind of physical relationship with her. She seemed to relish the idea and she seemed in accord with what I was saying. We seemed to have immediately established a rapport with each other.

When we had finished talking, however, I decided I wanted to kiss her before I left. I reached out to her and put my hands on each side of her face. She didn't seem at first to understand what I was doing, but then she understood. I pulled her face close to mine and we kissed. I was hesitant at first, especially since we had just had a long discussion about non-physical contact. However I still thought it would be all right.

My hands on her face and our lips on each others were the only parts of our bodies which touched. I was surprised by how well our lips fit together. Although our mouths were open, our tongues didn't touch. Nevertheless the kiss seemed sensuous and was quite pleasant. I enjoyed kissing her very much.

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