Dream of: 08 May 1987 (2) "Resembling Gods"

I had gone into a K Mart store located where the old Kresgee store used to be in downtown Portsmouth. Once inside, I saw the store had been divided into different sections so different clerks were assigned to work in each section. I recalled I had even seen something in the newspaper about how the store had been "erotically" divided up into sections.

Since I wanted to buy a pair of black shoes, I looked in the shoe section, and everywhere else where I thought shoes might be displayed. But I simply couldn't find any shoes like the ones I wanted. I thought there might be some in the stock room. Finally I decided to ask for assistance and got the attention of a female clerk. She told me that everyone was busy at the moment, but that if I would wait, she would get "Missy" to help me.

The clerk then slipped her arm around me, looked around and said she thought she saw someone looking at me. I turned around and saw my old high school friend, Staggs, standing near me. As I walked toward Staggs, I had my right hand in my pocket. When I tried to pull my hand out, I had some difficulty. But when I finally reached Staggs, I pulled out my hand and shook hands with Staggs. He said, "Steve. Steve Collier. I'm in a big hurry."

I scowled, "Well every time I think of you, I think of you that way. You don't have time to stop and chat with old friends."

Miffed, I began walking away. I knew I shouldn't be angry, but I couldn't seem to help myself. I turned, looked back toward Staggs and saw two enormously overweight women with him. One was about Staggs' age and the other was older. I thought the women must be Staggs' wife Paula (one of my former high school schoolmates), and perhaps her mother. Paula, terribly ugly, was pushing a child in a carriage and another small boy was walking behind her. Obviously they were her children.

I thought Staggs must be leading an unhappy life if he were married to someone who looked like that. I would have liked to have talked with him and found out what happened to him after he joined the military. But I finally just walked away.

I soon noticed a section of the store where some wallpaper was being sold. Looking at the wallpaper, I thought I might be able to use some of it in a collage. It suddenly struck me the type of collage I would like to make; it would have two large pictures of a man and a woman which would represent the father and mother figures of nature, or the male and female principles of the universe. They would resemble gods. One would be seated on each side of the collage.

I thought of some symbols to incorporate into the collage. On the female side I would use a heart and a triangle. The triangle was especially important. The sexual symbolism of the triangle became suddenly clear to me, the way it symbolized the pubic region. However although the triangle was a sexual symbol, I didn't think of it as an erotic symbol.

I thought I would also add a few winged cherubs in the collage.

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