Dream of: 06 May 1987 "When It Rains"

While sitting in what appeared to be a church, I noticed my first cousin Alan (about 30 years old) sitting to my right, dressed in a suit. My sister (only 5-6 years old) was sitting on Alan's lap. She bent over to look at something on the floor so her butt was completely exposed. She was wearing a pair of panties, but they were pulled between the crack of her butt so it appeared she wasn't wearing anything. Alan was looking straight down at my sister's butt. I began to wonder if anything sexual had ever taken place between my sister and Alan. I thought I needed to ask her about that.

Alan began talking and said something about "Little Chuckie" having lived longer than expected before dying. I didn't know who he was talking about, but apparently Chuckie had been Alan's child. Then Alan mentioned something about the last time he had been in jail. I probed further and learned Alan had been in jail just a few days previously for drinking alcohol.

I reached out to him, put my arms around him and pulled him close to me. It then dawned on me that I had something about which I wanted to speak with him. It involved an incident which had occurred when I had been a small boy. I remembered Alan and I had been sleeping together in a bed one night and I had awakened to find my penis outside my shorts with Alan holding it.

The memory was vague, and because I had been so young when it had occurred, I had always been slightly uncertain it had actually happened. Finally I said to Alan, "Lets take a walk together."

We stood and began walking. He probably thought I wanted to walk with him and say something pleasant to him. As we began walking down the outside steps of the church I said, "You know when it rains, it pours."

When we reached the sidewalk I told him I wanted to talk with him about something which had been bothering me for years. He looked at me a moment and then began walking faster ahead of me as if he were trying to get away from me. I knew he knew what I was going to talk with him about. Finally I grabbed him by the arm and pulled myself up next to him. I said, "When I was a boy, you and I slept together one night in a bed, and I awoke in the middle of the night and you were attempting to masturbate me."

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