Dream of: 10 March 1987 (2) "Angel Wings"

I was in a car in Portsmouth with my brother Chris. We rode along the streets and I noticed a number of very large statues in front of buildings which I had never seen before in Portsmouth and thought I would like to take pictures of the statues. One looked as if it had wings like a large angel. It occurred to me how closely tied I was to Portsmouth and how I often felt at home here.

Finally we came to a building and I carried Chris inside. We had been to the building once before and had some business there. Chris was very small, about the size of a three year old. As we walked up some stairs I noticed Seeley, but I couldn't remember his name. I spoke to him and called him Don.

Finally I set Chris down and he was able to sit up. Some man walked up who seemed to want to pat Chris on the head but I told him to leave him alone.

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