Dream of: 07 November 1986 "The Essential Factor"

I had gone into a classroom where a type of English class conducted by a judge wearing a black robe was normally held. The judge (about 40 years old) reminded me of a judge I had seen somewhere else. He was alone in the room and seated behind his desk in the front. I had simply wanted to pick up something in the room and I didn't intend to speak with the judge. But when he saw me he spoke with me.

He mentioned that I hadn't been to class for the past 3 days. That surprised me because I thought I had been going to class regularly. It also concerned me because I knew a person could only miss a certain number of days (I thought it was around 15) before failing the course. I knew I had earlier missed quite a few days and was concerned I might even have missed 15 already. Plus it seemed there was some kind of heavy fine for missing too many days. I was going to ask the judge about how many days I had missed in all, but he changed the subject.

He said he had seen a recent newspaper article where I had been sued for three million dollars. The article had stated that the suit had been brought by a girl who had accused me of chasing her down a street while she was nude. He had mentioned the article to someone else hoping they would tell me about it.

Indeed someone had told me about the article and, although I hadn't read it myself, I immediately knew to what he was referring. The judge seemed interested in the case and it looked as if he wanted me to explain it more to him. He said that sometimes a person could simply offer the other party $5,000 and the case could be settled.

I told him I wasn't concerned with the case because I certainly didn't have three million dollars. I couldn't offer $5,000 because I didn't even have that. I was vaguely concerned that if a judgment were entered against me, it might affect me in the future. But I was unsure a judgment would be entered.

I sat down and said, "Let me tell you what really happened."

Another man had entered the room and ambled over to us. He was also dressed in a black robe and appeared to be a friend of the judge's. He was probably in his mid 20s, had a medium build and light-colored hair. I had the feeling he was a lawyer and that the judge wanted him to help me with the case. He immediately became interested.

I planned to tell exactly what had happened that night and not omit anything. The details weren't completely clear, but I definitely remembered the salient features of the incident. I continued, "I had definitely been drinking that night. I usually don't drink but that night I did."

I realized that looked bad right off. It also occurred to me that the judge had seen me intoxicated once before. Now I was admitting I had once again been intoxicated and I was unsure what he was going to think.

I explained that I had been with some other fellows when I had been drinking alcohol. We had encountered several girls among whom was the girl in question, a very attractive blonde. The man who seemed like my lawyer asked how old she was. I stopped for a minute and was about to say that she was 17, but suddenly a scene from the evening came to my mind as clear as day. Two of the other girls were talking and they told me the girl was only 15. If she had been 17 she would have been considered an adult, but I had suddenly realized she was a minor.

I told the two men I thought she was 15. The lawyer seemed to attach importance to that fact and indicated it would enter into the deciding judge's decision, but didn't seem to think it was a controlling factor. I wanted to add that the girl looked as if she were 18 or 19, but I knew it would be irrelevant.

As we talked I realized we were riding along in a car. The judge was driving the car and I was in the front seat with him. The lawyer, still dressed in his black robe and wearing glasses, was seated in the back seat. Next to him was the girl who had sued me. I wasn't surprised to see her there and hoped she might even be able to clear up some points.

I continued explaining that one of the fellows who had been with me had been Anderson. He was my age 33. The other two fellows had only been about 18-19 and I hadn't known them well. I asked the girl if that were correct and she agreed.

I then said we fellows had decided to go somewhere, but I had insisted that we not take the blonde-haired girl, even though I had found her to be very pretty. I wanted the lawyer to know my decision had been partly based on my having learned the girl was only 15. The lawyer seemed to think my not wanting to take her was very important. He wanted to know what happened next. I turned to the girl and said, "You tell him."

I was afraid she might deny that I hadn't wanted to take her, but she told the truth and said, "I threw a fit."

She proceeded to explain how she had hit me and some of the other fellows. Indeed, "fit" was an accurate description of what had occurred. She had gone into a frenzy and had insisted on being taken with us. That was an essential point I wanted to explain to the lawyer and he comprehended.

But the subsequent events were unclear to me. I did remember chasing her nude in the street. But the essential factor was that I had been chasing her away. I hadn't been trying to catch her, but had been trying to get rid of her. I was unsure why she had been nude, but knew it had had nothing to do with me.

I felt as if I were innocent in the matter and felt as if the lawyer also was beginning to comprehend.

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