Dream of: 25 October 1986 (2) "Rafael"

As I walked toward my car in a parking lot the wind began blowing so strongly that it held me back so I couldn't reach the car. I tried and tried but simply couldn't reach it. Apparently some sand was also around here and the wind began blowing the sand. It appeared a sandstorm was blowing up.

I noticed a wall around a house near me, walked over behind it and sat down in a corner. A light was on in the house and I hoped no one would think I was trying to bother anything, because all I wanted to do was escape the sandstorm. The sandstorm continued to rage and finally became so bad that visibility was reduced to zero. I sat huddled up in the corner waiting for the storm to blow over.

Finally the storm stopped, I walked back out to the parking lot and saw that the sky had become bright and clear.

However, instead of having a car, I now had a camel. I walked over to the camel and saw that it was no ordinary camel. Indeed it rather resembled a large fat bush and had many branches and leaves all over it. To ride the camel I had to climb up through the branches and leaves (somewhat prickly) to the top. I then sat down and began riding along.

Finally I dismounted, boarded a bus and the camel walked along beside my bus. On the bus I met a fellow whom I had seen somewhere before who was reading some kind of text which he began trying to explain to me. The text seemed to be in another language and was very symbolic. He said part of the text dealt with Saint John the Baptist and the light of the world. Several other people in the bus had the same text, which was actually rather short and consisted of several verses. They would sit down and read the same thing over and over.

They gave me a copy of the text and I asked them why they didn't simply memorize it. I asked them whether they thought it would be just as good to recite the text from memory. They thought it would. So it seemed strange to me that they had recited the text so many times without memorizing it. I thought if I were going to say it over and over, I would memorize it.

I noticed Leah on the bus. I wanted to talk with her, walked over and sat beside her. I hadn't seen her in a long time and I was happy to see her again. We talked of the fellow with the text and then spoke about the camel. She then mentioned the name "Rafael" and I knew that was the name of either the fellow with the text or the camel, but I was unsure which. I thought the name "Rafael" was very pretty and I was attracted to it.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I had just awakened and that everything which had been happening to me had just been a dream. I had my mini-cassette recorder with me and I decided to record what had just taken place. I picked up the recorder and asked Leah if she minded that I recorded the dream in front of her. She smiled and said she didn't mind. I pressed a button on the recorder, realized I had pressed the wrong button and then pressed another button which was the correct button for "record."

I said I had awaked in the middle of the night and had gone to a store, although I was unsure whether it was a drug store or a grocery store.

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