Dream of: 10 October 1986 (5) "Lions In A Cave"

I was in a cave in which a number of poor people were sitting who seemed as if they might be selling something. Some lions began walking through the cave and I became apprehensive as they marched by me. The lions gathered around a man and it appeared as if they were going to attack him. I screamed out, "Isn't anybody going to help him?"

No one seemed interested in helping the man. Finally I ran over to the lions and began chasing them away. But one of them wouldn't leave and it suddenly attacked me. I grabbed its mane, held it as tightly as I could and finally threw the lion from me. The lion cowered away.

The man who had been attacked had run away and had left some coins behind lying on the ground. I picked them up and saw that they included some large coins from India with designs on them and some Canadian pennies. I scooped them all up and pocketed them. I then rather proudly but not haughtily walked up and down the cave.

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