Dream of: 10 October 1986 (3) "French Gospel Music"

I seemed to be in Dallas and had joined a small group of spiritually oriented men who seemed to be involved in meditation practices. After I had met with them, I went with one of them to his apartment. He reminded me of Arthur Dietrich (the character played by Steve Landesberg on the television series "Barney Miller"). He was involved with electronics and he even had a small electronics store in his apartment.

I told him I might be interested in buying an equalizer for a stereo system, and I asked whether he had one. I also mentioned that I wasn't really quite sure exactly what an equalizer was. He showed me one and said it would cost $1,300. I told him that was much too high and that I wanted something much smaller. He showed me another one and said he had one which cost about $50 and one which cost about $100.

I asked him to demonstrate them for me. He began attaching and detaching wires to an elaborate stereo system and finally connected an equalizer to it. Able to hear music both with and without the equalizer, I could then discern a distinct difference. It sounded much better with the equalizer.

I noticed when he disconnected the equalizer I could hear a large clock on the wall loudly ticking. When he reconnected the equalizer I couldn't hear it. He explained that the equalizer removed vibrations coming from other objects in the room. Even the vibrations and sounds from an air conditioner for example would be removed by the equalizer.

He certainly seemed to know much about electronics. I thought it would be interesting from a scientific perspective to understand the physics of sound waves, and that it would add much to the enjoyment of the sound.

I lay down on a bed and watched as he demonstrated the devices. I felt comfortable here and I also felt comfortable around him. He sat down and finally I rose from the bed and talked with him again.

I walked into another room and found a number of large recording tapes. One was a tape of French gospel music by a man whom I had heard of before. I thought it would be interesting to hear the tape.

Apparently a woman then entered a room below the apartment and the man had to turn the music down so it wouldn't disturb her. It surprised me that he would live in an apartment where he had to keep the noise low because I thought he probably liked to listen to loud music. I thought of suggesting to him that we trade apartments because the music could be as loud as he wanted where I was living. I thought I was living in the Travis Street Apartment. I thought Terra Perry (who lived below me) might complain some, but she couldn't complain much because she herself sometimes played music loudly.

Finally I wanted to leave. I hadn't brought my car and I knew I would have to walk a few kilometers to my place. But I didn't want him to have to take me and I thought I would rather walk.

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