Dream of: 26 July 1986 (4) "Poets And Prophets"

I was a student among other students in a classroom in Dallas. Suddenly I heard we were going to have a test and I tapped on the shoulder of Mary Biester (a female Dallas attorney), who was sitting in front of me, and I tried to find out what kind of test it was. Apparently it was a word test. It was a Monday and since I hadn't attended class on Friday, I hadn't expected the test. Some students were prepared, but I was completely taken by surprise.

We had just a few minutes to study for the test. Since Biester had her book open, I asked her if I could see it. I put my head on her shoulder and could feel her face next to mine. I moved around and sat next to her. I asked Biester about a stomach problem which she had; apparently it wasn't that bad.

For the test each student was going to have to stand and sing a song. We were given a bit more time to work on our songs.

The seats in the room were in rows which ran across the room. I rose and moved into the chair at the far right side of the front row. The teacher, who reminded me somewhat of Angus McSwain (one of my law professors when I was in law school), told us to prepare to sing our songs. He was going to begin with the person on the left end of the front row.

The singing began; one woman sang what appeared to be an Italian song. The teacher proceeded down the row toward me. I tried to think of what I was going to sing. Finally I knew I wanted to sing a song by Bob Dylan and I began writing the first lines, "Poets and prophets throughout the land."

I couldn't remember the order of the rest of the lyrics. I wrote down several lines, one of which said, "Take your stand now, the chance won't come again."

Another line said, "The order is rapidly changing."

I couldn't seem to fit the lines together. I simply wasn't prepared. I didn't know how I was going to sing the song, but at least I did know that the first line was "Poets and prophets throughout the land." That was the line that impressed me the most as having something beautiful about it.

I thought the second line might be, "Come sing your song well, the chance won't come again."

Another line might be, "Admit that the waters around you have grown."

I thought my ex-wife Louise was also somewhere in the class. I wanted to sing correctly because I rather wanted to make a good impression on her. I thought my voice would be in good form; it was just a matter of getting the words right.

I began looking for a rifle I had had with me and had set in front of me; unable to find it, I asked, "Where's my gun?"

I stood and began looking around for it.

Some people were standing along the side of the room; I decided to go stand with them. I thought perhaps the teacher would pass me by; then I could work on my lines some more and sing a bit later.

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