Dream of: 30 June 1986 "Cruise Ship"

Louise (about 25 years old) and I were together on a large white cruise ship equipped with a movie theater. Louise had black hair and was very cute. We went to the theater and encountered Campbell (a former law student) whom I was surprised to see. He told me he had graduated from law school but wasn't yet working. I thought about asking him if he had seen Donna lately but I decided it would probably be better not to bring her up in front of Louise.

Louise and I sat down to watch the movies, a triple feature. We watched the first two movies and at the end of the second, Cosby (another former law student) walked into the theater. He stopped to speak with me and I asked him what he was doing these days. I thought he had become a clerk for the Texas Supreme Court. I felt proud knowing Cosby since he had been able to obtain such an important position after law school.

But he apparently wasn't working for the Supreme Court. Instead he rattled off a long name which sounded like a court but which turned out to be the office of a prosecuting attorney. He said he was going into criminal investigations, but he was still waiting for that job to begin.

I told him seeing him like this seemed strange because I had been thinking about him just a short while before he had appeared. He said he had likewise been thinking about me because he had actually seen me come into the theater earlier. He had noticed me because of my shoes. He pointed out the black non-leather shoes I was wearing. I was proud of my cheap synthetic shoes because they weren't made of animal products, even though most people thought they were unbecoming.

I asked about his wife, a Philippine lady whom I had met before. He said she was fine; and then he departed. I thought of asking for his address but then I thought, "Na. He'll be down in Austin. It won't be necessary to have his address."

After Cosby left, I pointed out my shoes again to Louise. She had never really liked them and she seemed amazed that I still had the same pair of shoes after such a long time.

Louise and I walked out onto the deck of the ship. No one else was around and we began playing a game of hide and seek. I sought a place to hide. I jumped off the back of the boat into the water and held onto the boat which was moving rather fast. I was completely submerged and began trying to rise to the surface, but it was taking longer than I had expected. However, I somehow seemed to be able to breathe somewhat under the water, although not as well as I wanted. Finally my head surfaced and I took a deep, satisfying breath through my nostrils.

I climbed back on board and looked around. The ship seemed to gradually ascend in front of me in a step like fashion. It rather looked like a labyrinth of white marble before me. I was tired of the game and I didn't want to play hide and seek any longer. I hollered out to Louise to come on out because we were finished playing. I told her if she didn't come out I would hide myself and scare the dickens out of her.

I saw her head appear from behind a wall on top of the deck which seemed to lead to a stair well. She stepped out completely nude. She walked down to where I was. Suddenly what looked like a large board crashed in the stairwell in the place Louise had just come from. I thought somebody dangerous was hiding there.

I walked toward the stairwell, picked up a broom handle lying nearby and hollered out something. I heard some more noise in the stairwell and I felt someone was threatening us. I thought if someone stuck his head out, I might just hit him with the broom handle without even stopping to ask questions.

If we could make it back to the movie theater we could be safe. Louise, obviously very scarred, held onto me. Her nudity made her all the more vulnerable.

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