Dream of: 12 May 1986 "Exposed"

Birdie had recently married Vernon and the two of them had moved in together into the Ressinger House.

Birdie and I arranged to see each other one night while Vernon was going to be gone. I was planning to spend the night with her. Although Vernon knew I was going to be there, apparently he didn't object to the idea.

On the appointed day I went to Birdie's house. We both took off all our clothes and climbed in bed together. I was uncertain I should have sex with her -- she might have a venereal disease. Plus it simply didn't seem right for me to be having sex with her. Nevertheless I couldn't resist her nude body and we began having sex.

We finished just as it was becoming dawn. Birdie rose, looked outside and suddenly said that Vernon was returning. I said, "Well what am I going to do?"

I was naked and began trying to put my clothes on. Referring to the front and back doors, she said I should run out the opposite one from the one Vernon came in. Suddenly I heard Vernon coming in the back door and I quickly ran out the front door. But I had forgotten to take my clothes with me and I was completely naked.

I was afraid Vernon was going to follow me. I ran down the street past my great aunt Goldie's house, which was next door to the Ressinger House. I looked for my car, which I had parked out front, but I didn't see it anywhere. I thought, "He must have called somebody during the night and had it towed away."

I ran around the corner and hid. I thought I saw Vernon come and walk past me without seeing me. Apparently he was looking for me.

I was still completely nude, but I walked into a small restaurant, where I found Walls. I sat down and told Walls I needed to borrow his car. While we were sitting there, Spencer (a former schoolmate from high school) walked in. He seemed surprised to see me. I had the feeling he was in cahoots with Vernon. Spencer invited me outside and said he would give me a ride. I knew I shouldn't go because he was probably working for Vernon and he might try to beat me up.

Spencer said something about my penis hanging out. I looked down and saw that my penis was clearly visible. I felt quite exposed sitting there naked in a public restaurant.

Walls didn't understand that Spencer might be working for Vernon and Walls thought I should go with Spencer.

Finally Spencer left. I told Walls I was going to take a bus to his house, got up and left the restaurant. Finally a bus stopped nearby and I boarded it. The bus went down the street a short ways and I disembarked. But I realized I wasn't at Walls' house and I needed to get back on the bus. It started to pull out and I hollered for it to stop. It stopped. I got back on and told the driver (who was a woman) that I needed to get off at another stop.

I asked the driver whether the bus went to the hilltop area of Portsmouth. She replied that it did. I thought that would be a rather circuitous route to arrive at Walls' house. I walked to the back of the bus and sat down. I thought I would simply continue riding the bus until I reached the place where I needed to go.

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