Dream of: 16 August 1984 "Short Comic Play"

I was in a classroom with about 30 other students. The teacher (a woman) had brought in a short comic play with two characters for us to read. One of the two characters was Bob Dylan. The teacher was going to pick me to read one part, and I told her I wanted to be Bob Dylan. I thought the other fellow which the teacher picked might also want to play Bob Dylan, but I thought I liked Bob Dylan so much that I would like to have that part.

I was given the part of Dylan, and the other fellow and I began. The first part was a long introduction by the other character. He began reading and the part was interspersed with music, which a third person played on a record player. The music was lyrics of songs. The first fellow would first speak, then the other fellow would play some lyrics on the record player, then the first fellow would speak again. The book from which we were reading also displayed pictures of Dylan in it.

I was getting ready to read. The other fellow paused for a moment, and I thought we had come to my part, but then I saw the fellow had merely come to the title of the play, and then he continued reading. I began looking ahead at my part, getting ready to read it. I knew the play was going to be a comedy, even though Dylan was a singer and not a comedian. I thought it was going to be pretty good.

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