Dream of: 30 November 1983 (2) "Land In Kentucky"

I was sitting in a room which was my bedroom. When a fellow walked in and sat down on the bed, I looked at him for a minute until I realized he was Bob Dylan. I asked, "Are you Bob Dylan?"

He said he was. We began talking. He told me he had bought some land in a farm area in Kentucky and he was going to move into a cabin there. He told me the name of a city near the land, but I didn't recognize it. I asked him where the land was in relation to Lexington, Kentucky.

I told him I had a cabin in Ohio. I began looking for my photo album which contained a picture of my Cabin, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I told him it was a log Cabin which I had built myself. He seemed quite impressed.

I began thinking I wouldn't mind living with Dylan in the wilds of Kentucky. I said, "Puedes hablar espaol?"

He said, "What?"

He had seemed to understand me. I said, "Puedo ensearte espaol."

I explained to him that I had told him in Spanish that I could teach him Spanish. He seemed pleased with the idea.

I was unpacking my cassette tapes and other things from a large chest. I told him I had been living there for several months and had only now begun unpacking my things.

I wanted to ask him why his songs had deteriorated after he had become a Christian, but I didn't know exactly how to pose the question. I also wanted to know if he intended to continue writing songs.

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