Dream of: 16 August 1983 "Runaway Cat"

My father, Kay and I were in car headed to the Gallia County Farm. My father was driving, Kay was on the right side of the front seat and I was in the back seat.

As we rode along, we passed a house which I recognized. A new addition had been added to the house on the right side. It was in a modern style and quite well executed.

Kay had two cats with her in the front floor of the car. One was black and white, and quite furry. The car had bucket seats in front with a space between them through which I could put my arm. I reached between the seat and tried to attract the black and white cat by saying, "Kitty, kitty, kitty."

At first the cat didn't want to come, but finally it did so. After I began petting its soft fur, it suddenly wrapped its legs around my hand and began biting me. It was only playing, however, and it didn't bite hard. I commented about the matter.

Not far from the Farm, my father stopped the car, stepped out and opened the back door. On the ground outside the door stood a group of pure black cats and kittens. When some of them climbed into the car, I began trying to put them out. In the process, Kay's two cats escaped. Kay jumped out of the car and caught one. Since she couldn't catch the other one, my father, Kay and I began looking for it.

Several people standing around a nearby house seemed to be having a family reunion. My father knew them.

I saw the cat run to the other side of a wire fence. I went around to the other side, but the cat had disappeared and I couldn't find it. We searched for what seemed an interminable time. Kay was frantic about the cat. I became tired of searching, but Kay insisted on not leaving until she found her cat. I finally became angry and told my father I didn't want to stay there and continue looking for her cat.

Kay (upset because I didn't want to stay) seemed to think I was ruining the trip and she began arguing with me (I wondered if she thought any differently about me since I had graduated from law school). I continued walking around looking for the cat until I came to an embankment. Somehow Kay slipped as she was arguing and she began rolling down the embankment. Thinking I would probably be blamed for her fall, I jumped down after her and stabilized her.

I walked back to my father and continued complaining about wanting to go on to the Farm. As I talked, I noticed about four human-sized Grecian statues standing in some enclaves about 30-40 meters away. The statues didn't have arms or heads. Although my father had taken the statutes out of the car and given them to the people who lived there, he told me I could have them if I wanted them. I thought I might want to take them back home with me to hang clothes on.

I looked at one statue; its arm was missing from the elbow down. As I looked, the rest of the arm from the shoulder down fell off on to the ground. I pointed out that a piece had just fallen off.

I told my father I was going to sit in the car and wait. I was disgusted. I wanted to take the car, go to the Farm and let Kay contact us when she finally found her cat. Then we could return and pick her up.

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