Dream of: 11 January 1983 (2) "A Bit of a Daze"

I went to a soccer game with Nikolai (A Romanian I met around 1976) and we sat in the stands next to each other amidst a crowd of people. The people around us were cheering and I was rather intently watching the game, which for some reason interested me. I watched how the players would line up in front of a person who was kicking the ball to try to stop the ball.

Nikolai seemed rather disgusted with the whole affair and didn't say anything at first. Finally he rose, walked around for a while and then sat down in a bench in front of everyone. He then turned around toward the crowd and began talking to the people. He talked on and on and condemned the game. One man became rather angry and began talking back to Nikolai.

The man began talking about television and said a lot of excitement was needed on television. He talked about automobile chase scenes building up tension until the car was caught. The man was obviously rather uncouth and ignorant.

Nikolai continued trying to say something. He spoke with a bit of an accent and the people made fun of him. He made a mistake with his words once when he meant to say "record" and instead said "regular." People began laughing.

Finally I rose, walked down and sat beside Nikolai with my back turned to the people in the stands. If Nikolai had trouble with his words I would be able to help him. He continued talking for a few more minutes and finally turned around also facing the field. He slipped his arm through mine and I said, "Look, you don't have to worry about those people. They're just coarse, ignorant people."

He began talking about how intolerant the people were about other people's views. I said, "Yea, they're just a bunch of intolerant people, but not all people in America are like that. The beauty of the United States is that people are allowed to say what they want to here."

I began thinking about the differences in people. Some people were coarse and intolerant. But the law protected people so they could say whatever they wanted.

I asked Nikolai if he wanted to go somewhere else where it would be a little different. I tried to think of someplace; perhaps I could take him to a restaurant. I remembered once I had been to a nice nightclub in Mexico City, Mexico which was frequented by homosexuals. How different that had been. Perhaps I should take Nikolai to someplace like that so he could see a different aspect of American life.

We rose, left and went to a restaurant like that. We sat down at a table and a waitress brought us a small dish with quite a few sweets on it. She said it would cost a quarter, which sounded cheap to me. But since we had paid five or six dollars to get in, I thought it was just part of the cover price.

I began eating the sweets. I wasn't supposed to eat sugar, but they looked so good I ate them anyway. The waitress returned and asked if we had ordered anything to eat. I said, "No."

She said she was sorry and handed us a menu, which I opened. I had been hoping the prices would be cheap, but they were actually quite expensive. Most of the dishes contained meat; but I also noticed a seafood section. At the top of the list was crocodile, a plate of which cost $6. I might eat it. I also noticed a whole list of rattlesnake plates and thought, "Well no, that would be meat. I don't want to eat meat."

It would be difficult to explain to Louise that I had been eating rattlesnake. But crocodile was a seafood plate and I could eat seafood. I was still trying to decide, when the waitress returned. Nikolai was ready and ordered. I noticed some other pages in the menu which I had missed; I asked the waitress if she would give me a few more minutes. The other pages listed some sandwiches; a fish sandwich was listed for two dollars. I thought, "Well maybe I'll just get a fish sandwich."

Then I noticed different prices for the fish sandwiches. The one for two dollars only weighed two ounces. A four ounce fish sandwich cost four dollars.

Nikolai had stood and taken off his long, blue coat; he was apparently going to lay the coat in the middle of the floor. Just as he began to do so, someone said something to him and he picked up the coat and carried it back to a coat room.

While he was gone, I ordered and the waitress brought me my food, which I quickly ate.

Shortly, instead of Nikolai returning from the coat room, Louise walked up and sat down. I wasn't paying much attention to anything. I simply wanted to eat and leave; I felt as if I were in a bit of a daze. I finally stood and walked out the door without paying much attention to what I was doing. I didn't even pay for the meal. I had walked about ten meters outside the door, when I turned and looked back at Louise, who was still sitting at the table. She had her index finger pointed toward her cheek, touching her cheek with her finger. I knew that signified she wanted me to come back in and kiss her on the cheek.

That seemed to snap me out of my daze. I turned around, walked back inside and kissed her on the cheek. I sat down beside her and realized I hadn't paid my bill. I began to calm down.

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