Dream of: 11 January 1983 "Am I Dead?"

I awoke lying on a bed. Where was Louise? She was supposed to be here with me, but she wasn't. I began looking for her, but couldn't find her anywhere. I had the peculiar feeling something had happened to me, although I was unsure what.

Suddenly Louise walked into the room and I asked her where she had been. She lay down beside me and said it didn't make any difference. She said, "Because you're not going to live."

She tapped me on the head with a small wand she had in her hand and I had the certain feeling I was going to die. I closed my eyes and when I reopened them, Louise was gone. I raised myself up out of the bed and thought, "Am I dead?"

I felt peculiar, but I concluded I wasn't yet dead. However I was sure I wasn't going to live much longer. It was quite an eerie feeling. I didn't know what being dead would be like. Would I still be able to see my surroundings? It was ever clearer that I was soon going to die.

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