Dream of: 23 July 1982 "Lizard Man"

I was watching a scene unfold in an open field surrounded by trees. A group of people had four or five large hot-air balloons of various colors, including red and blue. The people had tied the balloons together and were about to ascend and escape in them because they were about to be attacked by a group of Indians.

One man disagreed with the idea. Apparently he had had a balloon before and he didn't think the balloons would fly, but the others were adamant and suddenly the balloons took off. Some men were still on the ground, but most of the women and children had already boarded the ballons. The men on the ground began scurrying about and some began grabbing for ropes hanging from the balloons. Some ropes looked like rope ladders, as if they were designed for the men to hang and climb on them. The balloons continued ascending until only one long rope was still hanging down.

The man who had disagreed with the project and a couple other men were still on the ground. They grabbed the long rope and the balloon continued ascending.

In the distance the Indians could be seen riding up furiously on horses. I began wondering whether the Indians would be able to shoot arrows and hit the men who were still dangling from the ropes. Perhaps the men in the balloons might also have arrows which they could shoot down at the Indians.

The scene changed to what appeared to be an encampment of log houses next to a lake. The encampment was the place which the people in the balloons were trying to reach. The encampment was deserted, but through the trees which surrounded the lake, I could see some red in the sky and realized the balloons were coming.

The balloons were being pulled on a rope by some kind of large metal contraption chugging along in the sky. The contraption was as large as all the balloons put together. When the machine and the balloons were almost over top the encampment, something suddenly happened and the balloons and machine began falling. The machine fell close to the log houses and most of the balloons fell into the trees.

The balloons were punctured and dangled in the trees. The people began climbing out of the balloons, walked toward the houses and gathered around an old gray-haired man. He had been the one driving the machine which pulled the balloons and apparently he was the one who had devised the whole plan of escaping in the balloons and coming to the encampment.

The encampment was several days journey by foot from where the Indians were, and since winter was approaching, it appeared the Indians wouldn't be able to reach the encampment. If the people stayed there during the winter, they would have to leave early in the spring before the Indians were able to come.

Since people were supposed to be already living in the encampment, and no one was there, the people began asking the old gray-haired man where the people were who were supposed to be there.

The old gray-haired man appeared to be insane and he didn't seem to know what he was talking about, but the people needed to know. Finally the old gray-haired man said he would take the people to where the other people were. He made a little speech about how they could go with him, and several people decided to accompany him.

The old man led the way through some weeds and bushes and the others followed for a long while, until the old man finally stopped and told them it was going to be a three days march.

Even though the old man hadn't said anything, I suddenly realized he was only intending to take the people to the graves of the other people, who had already died. I looked more closely at the old man and realized his body appeared to be that of a lizard. Although he still had the same face, he appeared to be a man-sized lizard. The more I saw how peculiar he looked, the more he reminded me of E.T. (the main character in the movie E.T.).

I suddenly realized I was sitting in a room watching the scene on a television screen. The movie was actually a very early one, and was a precursor of some of the modern day movies of the genre. I particularly noted what a good job of makeup had been done on the man and I generally thought the movie was an important one.

As I watched, the movie changed into a series of colorful animated scenes with people dancing around. I became completely enthralled in it. The music, which seemed like early rock and roll, was also good and played a large role in the effect of the movie. The movie reminded me somewhat of the movie Tron and that made me realize even more the technical importance of the early movie.

As the animation and music continued, the scene focused in on the blue cover of a record album lying on the street. On the cover was a picture of a man standing in the rain. I realized I had seen the cover somewhere before, but I couldn't remember where.

I then looked around the room, and saw my girlfriend Louise sitting there, holding the same record album cover in her hand and looking at it. I asked her if I could see it and she said, "Well, don't you have this album?"

I answered, "No."

She said, "Yea, that's right. I've only heard one song at your place."

I knew she was referring to a song by Bob Dylan. She said I played the song over and over.

Then she mentioned something she had dreamed, which upset me. When she said she had told me about it before, I replied, "The hell you did. I know what you told me and you didn't tell me that."

For some reason I was becoming quite irritated with her.

I looked back on the television screen and saw the lizard man there. The people were trying to decide whether they should spend the winter in the encampment and then tear down the houses in the spring. They thought they could use the wood to repair the bottom parts of the balloons which had been damaged by the fall. Then they could try to fly on out of there. But they were unsure what they were going to do.

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