Dream of: 23 May 1982 (2) "Mountains Of Oaxaca"

I was in Portsmouth, where a movie which had been playing around the country had finally come to a theater. I had a picture in my mind of the movie. I could see 50-60 wide brown steps going up to a high building which I concluded was a courthouse. The steps were so wide I couldn't even see where they ended on either side. At the top of the steps were several large brown statues. The main statue was very imposing. It seemed to be of a judge sitting in a chair. I tried to read some inscriptions on the statues. I couldn't really understand them, but I thought they gave the name of a state. Finally I realized the inscriptions said something about Cincinnati, Ohio and that the building was in Cincinnati. I caught a glimpse of the skyline behind the building and recognized it as Cincinnati's.

As the images passed through my mind, I realized I was in a car with some other people, including Boley (a female law student). We had left Portsmouth, were now in Indiana just west of Cincinnati, and were headed toward Cincinnati. I couldn't yet see the skyline but I knew we were getting close.

I saw a sign which read "Belmead." Although I had never thought about it before, I thought the "Bel" part of the word was a French word meaning "beautiful." I asked someone if they knew the name of the river that flowed through Cincinnati and emptied into the Ohio River. They answered, "The Arkansas River?"

I said, "Yes, I think that's the name of it."


I was in Waco. I asked someone if he knew whether any hallucinogenic mushrooms grew in the countryside. The person seemed certain that they did.


My brother Chris, several other people and I had driven to the mountains of Mexico in Oaxaca, searching for hallucinogenic mushrooms. After we arrived, we didn't really know where to look, and we were unable to find any mushrooms. While Chris and I stayed in a motel room, the other three people walked out on the street. Someone walked into the room and threw small pieces of chopped-up mushrooms all over the room. The longer he threw them, the bigger the pieces became. Finally some pieces were almost as big as the palm of my hand.

I picked up the pieces from the floor and placed them on a piece of paper until I had a large pile. I handed Chris a large piece; both he and I began eating them. We continued eating and I soon felt the effects.

At first I was apprehensive about Chris eating the mushrooms since he had muscular dystrophy. This was his first time. But finally I decided it would be all right and it probably wouldn't hurt him. I had heard that terminal cancer patients had been given LSD and it had been good therapy for them.

Looking outside, I could see the sun was low on the horizon and would soon be setting. I thought that didn't matter. We would just trip all night. The sun was beautiful. It was a bright red ball which seemed to have lines emanating from it.

We continued eating the mushrooms, eating the big ones first, finally getting down to the small ones. I scoured the floor for the remaining pieces. They were among many other things lying on the ground. Some smaller pieces were dried up. I thought I would tell anyone who came in later to pick up any small white pieces of anything which they found because they would probably be pieces of mushrooms.

I put some of the smallest pieces of mushrooms in a cup. Although at first they had simply looked like pieces of mushrooms, now some pieces resembled other objects. Two pieces looked like small, yellow hats. A couple looked like orange hats. Other pieces resembled other objects. One piece looked like an apple and just as I bit into it, the other three people returned. One was Crouch (a law student). I stood up, beginning to strongly feel the effects of the mushrooms, and I told them what had happened after they had left. They wanted some of the mushrooms. At first I didn't want to give them anything. I said, "Well look, you're not going to ... you're just going to feel it a little bit. But if we eat it, we're going to ... we need to eat all of it, so we can get the full intensity of the trip."

But finally I handed them the piece I had which looked like an apple. I then handed them the cup which still had a few pieces in it. They shared them, but there really wasn't enough for them to feel anything.

I was thinking of leaving Oaxaca and going to Hugo's house (a Mexican acquaintance) up in the mountains. But I knew that would take several hours, and I was unsure whether we should go there.

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