Dream of: 15 March 1981 "The Moving Marble"

I had started to go to a school and was studying Spanish, French and something else. Jarrell (a fellow law student at Baylor Law School) was there. When I looked at one of his papers, I saw that he was studying something about stereos.

I decided to talk with one of my teachers because I didn't think I was getting everything I could out of class. It seemed I had been put into an accelerated class in Spanish (because I had shown I knew some Spanish), but I was in a beginning French class. I was contemplating telling my teachers that I would like to go into the next advanced class.

I walked into a room with a female teacher, lay down on the floor and (while she was still standing up) began talking with her. Suddenly I kicked her legs out from under her so she fell onto my legs. I made some sexual advances.

My mother walked into the room and began holding me down by the arms. The room seemed to be a kitchen and some kitchen cabinets were over my head. As my mother and the teacher started looking at one of the drawers in the cabinets, we all heard a sound from the drawer as if a marble were rolling around in it.

When I began moving my eyes as if I were making the marble move with them, my mother and the teacher looked at me in amazement. I thought of the movie The Exorcist and how in the movie when the devil had been inside the little girl, he could make objects move by themselves. As I continued following the sound of the marble with my eyes, I began to wonder if I was actually somehow making the marble move. When my mother and the teacher finally let me up, I realized the marble was moving around through cabinets all over the room. I continued following the marble with my eyes, unsure whether I was making it move with my mind.

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