Dream of: 21 January 1981 (2) "Fatherless Child"

I was in a house which apparently was my mother's. An attractive young lady (about 20 years old) who looked like Birdie (but also seemed like Carolyn) was there. Apparently she was pregnant by me. A little boy was also there who was hers. This same boy was the child with which she was now pregnant: somehow she was pregnant and the child had already been born at the same time.

My sister also had a baby boy in the house. Both little boys appeared to be about two years old, but their proportions were different from two-year olds. They were walking around the house and I was playing with them. I held my sister's little boy and walked around with it. I lay down on my back on the floor in the living room and Birdie's little boy came in and stood on my chest. It held my right index finger in its left hand and in its other hand it held my left index finger. He stood on my chest balancing himself. His head seemed quite large and occupied about a third of the length of his body. His head had wrinkles in it and he seemed old. I thought the baby was out of proportion, but I didn't know if I should say anything to Birdie, because she might not like that.

Birdie passed through the room. She had long black hair. She was wearing red lipstick and a white dress. Her stomach was puffed out. Her face looked radiantly beautiful.

I talked with her. She was concerned about getting married and she was wondering how she was going to get married. I definitely wasn't going to marry her.

Someone told me the boy had been born on February sixth. It was now around February the twentieth. So the baby was only a couple weeks old. My sister's little boy wasn't much older than that.

Birdie and I were standing on a balcony. She came up and I put my arm around her. I felt a little sorry for her, but I had no intention whatever of marrying her. When we walked back inside, I said to my sister, "Well, people just don't know what they do, do they."

Basically I was referring to Birdie's having become pregnant. And now she didn't have a father for the baby.

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