Dream of: 09 September 1980 "Fighting Buffalos"

I had been elected to be a representative at a political convention taking place on my grandparents' Gallia County Farm in Gallia County, Ohio. A large building stood where the milk house normally was, and inside 400-500 people were beginning to gather. I arrived early and then other people began arriving. My girlfriend Carolyn showed up and I saw her before she saw me. Although several other pretty girls were there, I made my way straight to Carolyn. She had a pretty blonde-haired friend (about 16 years old) with her.

We walked inside the convention hall and sat down at one of the long rows of cafeteria tables. Both Republicans and Democrats were present. Someone to my right began shouting, "We want Reagan. We want Reagan."

I began shouting, "We want Carter! We want Carter!"

Finally everyone quieted down.

Carolyn was seated to my right and her blonde friend sat on my left. I was attracted to the blonde, but I felt guilty because I knew she was Carolyn's friend and Carolyn was sitting right next to me. That fact apparently didn't bother the blonde, however, because she began stealthily caressing the side of my leg with her hand. She kept trying to entwine her fingers with mine and kept moving closer and closer until our bodies were right next to each other. I didn't try to stop her. Finally she had her hand between by legs. She put her face to mine and began kissing me.

I broke away for a moment and looked at Carolyn, who had seen everything. Obviously she was hurt, although she acted as if she weren't.

When I turned back to the blonde, she was gone. I was sitting on the beige dress she had been wearing and at first I thought she was still in it. Upon closer examination, however, I realized she wasn't here. I arose and began searching for her under the tables. Then Carolyn also disappeared.

I walked back up to the Farmhouse where I found quite a few people. I found a suit of German war clothes, put it on and marched around dressed as a German soldier. Someone hollered and I walked back into the yard and found a half dozen or more buffalo fighting each other. It was a fascinating sight to watch two large buffalo with their long sharp horns bash into each other. One even climbed up onto the porch and almost pinned me in a corner.

I escaped back into the Farmhouse, where I encountered a fellow who seemed to be a bit insane. He was inside one of the cabinets and seemed to be stealing something. I accosted him and wrestled him to the ground. He had a few things in his pockets. When he said he had some blotter LSD, I became immediately interested. I asked him to give it to me. At first he demurred, but finally produced it. I took it in my hand and headed back down the hill. It was snowing and I began thinking it would be nice to take the LSD in my Cabin (a one-room cabin located on the Farm).

Instead, I returned to the convention hall. The main election hadn't taken place yet, but another smaller election had. I saw the Scioto County district attorney, Grimshaw, there on the stage. There had been an upset. A young man named Otterbein had been elected and he was in the process of giving his acceptance speech.

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