The following is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts

Dream of: 11 August 1973 (2) "Crosley Field"

My father, my great-uncle Curt and I had gone to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game at Crosley Field in Cincinnati; after arriving, we sat down on the right side of home plate. Since I didn't want to stay with my father and Curt, I left them and walked to a section on the left side of home plate. The bleachers where my father and Curt were sitting were like the regular bleachers at Crosley Field; but the ones where I sat were small, such as might be found in a high school baseball field.

As the ball game proceeded, the Reds came to bat and scored two runs. Frank Robinson hit a home run for the Reds; all sorts of people stood at home plate, waiting to shake his hand when he came across; but he only shook the hands of his teammates.

After a break in the inning, the Reds brought out a gigantic bat almost three meters long. Pete Rose practiced with the bat and hit two or three home runs with it.

A little league team showed up and played for an inning against another little league team. No fence separated the field from the bleachers; several other younger children and I were stationed at a perfect spot to catch foul balls. Before the other children had a chance to act, I dashed and caught the first two foul balls which were hit in my direction. I stuck the balls in the pocket of the sports jacket I was wearing. I then removed my jacket so I could operate more effectively. I was wearing a black shirt, green corduroy pants, a pair of brogan shoes and a pair of black gloves. A woman behind me commented that I had a pretty shirt; she said the shirt should wear a long time. I said, "Yes, I've worn it all summer already."

When the Reds finally came back onto the field, a fence was erected and I wasn't able to catch any more foul balls.

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