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July 5, 2001

According to Jet Li himself in an interview with Studio LA, he will be staying in China for about 6 months to shoot Zhang Yimou's epic film Hero. As a side note, during a news conference in China, Jackie Chan has reportedly spoken about Hero for the first time, saying: "although I have been expecting to work with Zhang Yimou for a long time, I never said I will be in Zhang Yimou's Hero. I don't know where did this rumor come from".

June 23, 2001
Here's an article on Zhang Yimou's Hero from Screendaily:

$17m Hero to bring together top Asian talent Patrick Frater in Shanghai June 21, 2001

Of all the film projects floated at last week’s Shanghai International Film Festival, the most mouthwatering had to be Zhang Yimou’s $17m Hero, a ‘wuxia’-inspired historical adventure that is set to bring together many of Asia’s top talents, both in front and behind the camera when shooting starts as early as next month.

In its casting alone, Zhang’s epic suggests an Asian equivalent of Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven, which is crammed full of Hollywood box office superstars. Written by Zhang himself and based on the story of the assassination attempt on China’s first emperor, Qin, by his own bodyguard, Hero teams Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Zhang Ziyi with the two romantic leads from In The Mood For Love, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung.

Also in the mix is Jet Li, the martial artist who has just been signed up by Miramax Films for a reported $10m to play a Tibetan monk in a New York-set action-comedy. Li’s payday, which puts him in the Jackie Chan salary bracket, comes on the back of his breakthrough performances in Lethal Weapon 4, Black Mask, Romeo Must Die and the eagerly-anticipated Luc Besson-produced Kiss Of The Dragon, which 20th Century Fox will release on July 6 in the US.

In Hero, Li will play the assassin opposite Jiang Wen - who also starred in Zhang’s Red Sorghum - as the emperor Qin, the dynastic figure who fought to unite China into one empire during the Third Century BC and whose mausoleum is now famously guarded by some 8,000 life-size terracotta soldiers. Qin’s story also inspired Chen Kaige’s 1999 epic The Emperor And The Assassin, although Zhang is said to be basing his version on events that took place ten years earlier.

Ironically, Kaige’s film featured Gong Li, the actress who worked frequently with Zhang before 1995 when their personal relationship ended. Gong was once tipped to star in Hero, as was Jackie Chan in the role of the emperor. In Shanghai last wek , where Gong announced her involvement in Sun Zhou’s new film The Train Of Zho Zhu, she demurred on all questions touching on Zhang, Hero and Ziyi, an actress who has been taken to the hearts of Chinese audiences and nicknamed “Little Gong”.

Just as impressive as his cast are the collaborators that Zhang is seeking to surround himself with. He has approached action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping, who oversaw the martial arts sequences in Crouching Tiger, Charlie’s Angels and The Matrix, to orchestrate the same kick-ass flying tricks for Hero , assuming he can fit this in during a scheduled summer break in the back-to-back shooting of the two Matrix sequels this summer. And Christopher Doyle, Wong Kar-wai’s regular cinematographer, is already said to be scouting locations for what would be his first film with Zhang.

To be fully backed by the Chinese Government, Hero may well be set up as a co-production with Hong Kong-based Bill Kong, whose Edko Films was one of the three co-producers on Crouching Tiger, the film that brought worldwide attention to the Hong Kong tradition of sword-wielding wuxia movies. Edko has a joint distribution venture in Hong Kong with Columbia TriStar, a studio that has established ties with Zhang Yimou through both its Asian production arm and its specialist US releasing operation Sony Pictures Classics (which also released Chen’s epic in the US before hitting paydirt with Crouching Tiger).

But whether this tips worldwide distribution rights for Hero towards Sony remains to be seen — Zhang’s last film, the Ed Pressman-produced Happy Times, ended up being split between SPC domestically and 20th Century Fox internationally. But one thing is for sure — the projected July start date for Wong Kar-wai’s 2046, which was set to star both Ziyi and Leung, with Doyle as DOP, will now have to be pushed back until September at the earliest.

January 31, 2001
Just to let you know, there will be two (2) Jet Li movies coming out this summer, and I'm really excited. KOTD is scheduled to be released on July 6 while The One is scheduled on August 10.
January 30, 2001

I love Harry. I said that. This man has created one of the best movie gossip sites on the net and heres what he said recently about Kiss of the Dragon:

Ok, I admit it. This is the film that I want to see with the largest group of friends I have and I want it to collectively just adrenaline charge our asses so we hit each other and make animalistic noises while striking attack poses.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Ok, Jet Li stars with Bridget Fonda. It is written and produced by Luc Besson, and has shot all over Europe. Now the only thing that keeps me human about this film is that Luc Besson is also not directing. If he were… CHRIST, you would not even begin to hear the end of it from me.

I mean think for a second. In LEON (aka THE PROFESSIONAL), Besson took Jean Reno… a really cool French dude and turn him into the biggest and coolest badass you’ve ever seen. Now, in my reality-brain, I realize that Jean Reno is probably not a bad ass. My reality-brain tells me that Jean Reno probably does drink milk and watch Gene Kelly movies, but most definitely does not kill people.

Jet Li? Jet Li in my reality-brain can kick everyone on planet Earth’s ass at the same time and twice on Sunday.

And if Besson has a great protégé helming this film and working from a great Besson script… Then Jet Li could literally be even cooler than we’ve seen before… and that really is saying something. Jet is a charming as can be fella, and with the right project… He could take off in a really really huge way in the U.S. I’m hoping that this is that launchpad.

January 30,2001

Delroy Lindo (Gone in 60 Seconds, RMD) and Jason Statham (Snatch) have both signed on to Jet Li's next project after KOTD, The One. Here's what's written on Cinescape:

Delroy Lindo (Gone in 60 Seconds) and Jason Statham (Snatch) have both signed on to Revolution Studios' The One, which will star Jet Li. The film will tell the story of a man (Li) who encounters a murderous other-dimensional version of himself crossing planes of reality to kill all his own copies.

According to Variety, Lindo and Statham will play interdimensional agents whose task is to stop anyone from traversing dimensions, let alone killing.

The film, which is scheduled to ramp up production on January 29th in L.A., will be directed by James Wong, who will also produce with Glen Morgan and Steve Chasman. Morgan and Wong also wrote the film's script.

The One is currently scheduled to hit theaters on August 10.

Here's another article from Coming Attractions: [Thanks to Scott]

Lindo & Statham Join Jet Li's 'The One'

Variety reports that Delroy Lindo ("Gone in 60 Seconds") and Jason Statham ("Snatch") have signed on as co-leads opposite Jet Li in "The One," a $48 million action/sci-fi thriller set to go before cameras Jan. 29 in Los Angeles. The film rests on the premise that there are multiple universes with people similiar to us in each of them. Lindo plays an agent whose responsibility is to ensure that people don't traverse these universes. Statham will play Lindo's partner. Both patrol the universes to prevent a renegade Jet Li from attempting to kill all of the other people like himself. Lindo and Li previously co-starred in "Romeo Must Die." James Wong will direct from a screenplay he co-wrote with Glen Morgan. It is set for release Aug. 10.

November 5, 2000
Good News: I have included massive amounts of reviews (just click in the red).(by my standards) of Jet's movies as well as other Hong Kong cinema films. Just check out the review for Riki-OH by Clicking here.

Bad News: Only a rumor on the Internet, it has been posted that Jet Li will not be starring anymore in "The Matrix" sequels.

According to one person, who has a "friend" working within pre-production for "The Matrix 2" and "The Matrix 3," he has informed him that they have decided not to include the martial arts superstar in the Matrix sequels and has completed the script opting to cast either Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from "X-Men") in Jet Li's role instead. Take this news as it's worth. Just a rumor. I will try to keep everyone updated.

November 4, 2000
Some more information for Kiss of the Dragon has beeen released and it's a good one. According to sources from the Official Jet Li homepage it was announced that the upcoming movie, starring Jet Li and directed by Luc Besson, has set a release date of July 6th 2001. Get your calendars marked and ready prepare the syrup cause daddy's back !

October 29,2000


Well, a bit of info for you on KOTD. This is unconfirmed, but according to the Jet Li Homepage, KOTD will be a story of a Chinese cop (Jet) who will help the French Policemen capture a drug dealer (don't know who though). Tchéky Karyo will play a bad/corrupt policeman and Bridget Fonda will play as a "bitch". Ummm...Okay, there you have it.

Well, one of Jet's best film is going to be released in the states next month (Nov 20 unconfirmed date) by Columbia Tri-Star, here's the info:


Once Upon A Time in China



Winner of Hong Kong Film Awards - Best Director, Best Action Choreography, Best Film Editing and Best Original Film Score

A Martial Arts Classic

Directed by Award-Winning Director Hark Tsui (Knock Off, Double Team)

Day and Date DVD Release

Culver City, CA (10/24/00) - On January 9, 2001 Columbia TriStar Home Video will release on DVD and videocassette Once Upon a Time In China, an epic martial arts classics by critically acclaimed director Hark Tsui. The film stars internationally acclaimed actor Jet Li who fights against the foreign forces to save China.


China's been infected with a plague known as the Western world, and Wong Fei-hung (Jet Li) refuses to stand by and watch as his country is decimated by the foreign forces. A martial arts expert, Wong collides with the foreigners, their influence and, especially, their firearms. Leading his misfit militia, Wong is determined to stop the immoral slave trade that serves the California gold fields. When his favorite aunt is kidnapped to be sold as a prostitute, Wong must battle his countrymen and the superior firepower of the slave traders, all for the soul of traditional China.

October 20,2000

My It's been a long time......*sniff* *sniff* ....7 months.....

Anyways, In case anyone hasn't been checkin into the other Jet Li sites, Jet is working with a man who goes by Luc Besson. This man is responsible for the "Professional" and "The Fifth Element." This movie has begun production as we speak and is being titled, "Kiss of the Dragon." This movie is supposed to be a Fist of Legend slash Professional type movie. Personally I can't wait. Jet is also scheduled to be in a movie that was supposed to star the great one "The Rock" but he opted instead to star in a sin-off of "The Mummy 2" which is called the "The One." In this movie Jet Li would be fighting himself from a parellel universe. Nice. The other movie scheduled for production soon is the Matrix sequels and from what I have heard, Jet has read the script and is ready to go. But with all these projects coming in left and right it's difficult to say which one he decided to do after Kiss of the Dragon.

April 8,2000
This was something I would throw at you people courtesy of Jet Li Homepage.

Wondering what's next for Jet? Well, apparently, according to Suns Daily, who was able to get in touch with Jet via phone, Jet's next project will be The Green Hornet, followed by Matrix 2 & 3, and lastly First King. As you all know, Jet is rumored to play Kato in the new Green Hornet movie, it seems that this is finalized now. As for Matrix 2 & 3, he hasn't signed any contract yet, but it's pretty much a done deal. No news yet on the Disney movie Jet was said to be in. So I guess we'll be seeing more of Jet, which is obviously what everyone wants. So I guess the green hornet movie was actually a reality?

As I was wandering through websites recently, an article on Cinescape online, caught my attention. It mentions the possibility of Jet being on Matrix 2 and 3 sequels. According to the Hollywood Reporter, though there are no negotiations going on yet, the Wachowskis are keen on having Li come on board. The trade reports that the only barrier in the way is how to fit the action actor (who really belongs in the project) into the budget.
Sorry again for the lack of updates and still looking to get that review, went on vacation and I have announced I will be making a WWF website in the coming weeks and with Wrestlemania being this Sunday it makes for one busy man.

The big news around Jet Li is everyone is waiting to see what Romeo Must Die will do in it's second week. Everyone continue to show your appreciation and go see this movie! So far as of Wednesday, the movie has done a very respectable 27,366,033, which places it second to Erin Brovlaskyvich. What kind of movie is that anyway? Oh well....

Really sorry for the few updates this weekend, though its Jet's weeekend, but NCAA tourney going on this weekend with My Tulsa and OSU teams making a big impact. Well, Romeo Must Die has managed to pull in $12,808,600 thru Saturday and is holding the second place spot.
I got the reports for the box office and must admit that Romeo Must Die is going to be a hit! It took in very respectable $4,105,324 dollars on Wednesday ousting out some Julia Roberts movie and a couple of other jabronies out there.
I found an interesting article featuring Joel Silver, who is behind Romeo Must Die and Lethal Weapon 4, and it talks about Jet Li and his possible project called "First King". This movie sounds like a hit when hearing the details. How about a Jet vs Jet showdown? Well, with the technology that Hollywood has, it is a great possibility. To read the article Click Here.
Well, the opening day has passed and I have to say that this movie ROCKS! If you haven't had a chance to watch Romeo do so as soon as possible. I went into the movie not expecting much but the movie was very impressive. My only complaint was Jet was not in the movie enough. I will be writing a review shortly and If anyone else would like to send in their reviews, feel free to at AzianTre@aol.com
We are exactly 1 day away from the opening of Romeo Must Die and the anticipation is running really high!


I thought this would be a nice little article to read about Jet li that I happen to run across over at the Jet Lee (Li) Homepage:

The Talented Mr. Li Action superstar Jet Li was ignored by the Academy but he has accomplished celluloid feats this year's nominees can only dream about

by Glen Schaefer

It's Oscar week and Jet Li's new hip-hop martial arts movie, Romeo Must Die, is coming out. Coincidence? I think not. Let's get one thing straight at the top-the five-foot, six-inch Li could kick that bench-pressing Kevin Spacey's punky ass. If Li ever won an Oscar, he'd probably try to find a new and lethal way of using it in one of his intricate action set pieces.

The hero in 25 Asian movies before he took a turn as a bad guy opposite Mel Gibson in 1998's Lethal Weapon 4, Li boasts a legitimate claim to the title of hardest working man in show business. For Romeo Must Die, filmed in Vancouver last year and opening Wednesday, Li started work well before shooting, consulting with the screenwriters and with stunt co-ordinator Corey Yuen on what kind of spins, leaps, twists and chops would fit with the movie's story about two young lovers from warring crime families. Come filming, Li was working 12-to 14 hour days in the think of the action. Hardest were five days spent on a soundstage filming a sequence set in a Hong Kong prison, where Li fights off five soldiers while hanging upside-down from a chain.

"When you're hanging upside down, the blood comes down to your head so fast-your eyes turn red, you get a headache and each shot takes so many hours," says Li. Take that, Denzel Washington. Suddenly playing a boxer with one opponent at a time doesnt' seem so tough, does it? Li made the jump to North America after his turn in Lethal Weapon 4, a move that had his Asian fans crying foul. "A lot of the Asian audiences didn't like Lethal Weapon," he says. "It's a different culture. In the States a lot of great actors sometimes play good guys and sometimes play bad guys-they're actors. But in Asia they think Jet Li is the good guy, the hero. They think that I represent Asian people. When I played the bad guy they think the American studio treated our hero not nice."

The e-mail buzz from Asia on Romeo is good though, with fans there applauding his return to the good-guy role. Li says another difference between filming in North America and filming in Hong Kong is that Asians spend more time in action movies actually filming the action. He says he was always asking his Romeo Must Die producers for extra time to shoot the action sequences. Li came to Vancouver with his stunt co-ordinator and a group of stuntmen dubbed Team Jet. They set themselves up in a gym rented for them by the studio. There they spent their off-screen time training, working out choreography for their stunt scenes and trying out some 200 Vancouver martial artists for roles in the movie.

Li says he was impressed with the martial arts scene here-they used as many as 15 from Vancouver. Then there was the language issue. Li speaks in fluent but heavily acccented English but he says that wasn't a problem for his first English-language starring role. He worked with a dialogue and acting coach on his scenes and besides, he says, "My character don't talk a lot." Something Aussie-turned-Yank Russell Crowe might have thought of when he did The Insider.

Romeo Must Die sets its crime story amid the hip-hop scene of Oakland, Calif., another case of Vancouver changing roles along with the actors. Li was a hip-hop neophyte when he came aboard but he learned those musical ropes from singer Aaliyah, who plays his love interest in the movie. "We sat down and talked a couple of times. She gave me her CD and I listened to it a few times," he says. "It was new to me but you're not just in the theatre to see the pictures. The music helps the action, it gives the martial arts a rhythm." Kind of makes Sean Penn's jazz guitar thing in Sweet and Lowdown look pretty tame, doesn't it?

Up next for Li is a martial-arts-themed TV show he's producing with Mel Gibson, which he hopes to have out next year. Li is developing the stories with writers but he won't star himself. Unlike former stuntman Richard Farnsworth, who earned an Oscar nomination this year for driving a lawn mower in The Straight Story, Li doesn't play to slow his career down any time soon. He is looking over scripts for his next movie project and it's a fair bet that none of them involve lawn mowers. "I'm going to make action movies."

Well, we are less than 4 days away from the opening of "Romeo Must Die" and have found many reviews from opening previews, special showings etc. etc. etc. Therefore, I have put all of the reviews (or most of them that I could find) and put them in one place at THE ROMEO MUST DIE REVIEWS PAGE.
On March 16th, Jet Li will be appearing on the CBS Morning Star and later on that night HBO will be showing a first look at Romeo Must Die. Check your local listings to find the times.
Here's another positive take on the RMD, I think this time it's on the final cut of the film, which was premiered in NY a couple of days ago. This review was taken from Dark Horizons:

"Romeo Must Die" - A Review by 'Steve' (Positive - No Spoilers)

Hi, I am back from the global media premiere of 'Romeo Must Die'. It was fun and ironice. How? It was fun to see director Ang Lee and Michelle Yeon were sitting on the seats with their own popcorn and coke. And the ironic things were many fans of DMX show up, then cheer up for each time Jet Li kicked some African American gangsters' ass.

The plot is such easy to understand, as long as you ever knew anything about 'Romeo and Juliet'. As matter as fact, some journanlists felt disappointed about the story. Jet Li plays Han, an ex-H.K. cop who was lock up in jail, as soon as he knew his own brother Po was killed in U.S., he escaped. And when he arrives U.S., he met Trish played by R&B artist Aaliyah, who happened to be the daughter of African American gangster's leader, played by Delroy Lindo. Since they never knew each other's family, they invesgitage the murder together.

Just like other people say before, the martial arts are much beter than the plot. I think fianlly Hollywood writers wrote a script which could describe the Chinese characters correctly. Compares to 'The Replacement Killers', there were so many serious and silly mistakes in that film, such as Fat ran to a temple to cure his wound. In 'Romeo must die', each Chinese character and their family background is as real in the reality.

Joel Silver hired Hong Kong martial arts supervisors to work for 'The Matrix', and we knew the result was totally amazing. They did it again in 'Romeo Must Die', they shot Jet Li jump in the air then kick somebody first, then later they use computer effects to let him stayed in the air much long than he ever did in any of his previous films, we could see his legs very clearly. Jet Li admited he is not suprerman, that's why he needs special effects and the wire trick.

Speaking about martial arts, One of most amazing scenes, is they use computer animation to create some pictures that allow us to see through human's body, just like X-ray. Besides, Jet Li tries some tricks that we usually only can see in Jackie Chan's movies. Like, he pull off somebody's belt to pull down the pants. Or, he used Chinese Kung Fu to play American Football, that's some original and fun.

I bring up an idea to Joel Silver in front of Jet Li, I said he sould hire Jet Li to play Morpheus's master or Neo's last life in 'The Matrix 2 and 3', I think that's only reasonable reason to explain why Keanu Reeves fights like Jet Li in 'The Matrix'. Mr. Silver said Wachowski brothers are big fans of Jet Li, they never mean to copy Jet Li's fight scene of 'Once upon a time in China', they were actually thinking about Jet Li while they wrote the scripts. And he said Wachowski brothers will meet Jet Li, anyway, they worship him. So, maybe they would invite Jet Li to join 'The Matrix 2 and 3', or write a whole new script for him, but nobody can be sure about it. I personally am very happy to see it happen.

More good news is, Corey Yuen who's been Jet Li's good partner since they worked together in Hong Kong. Right Now, Mr. Yuen is shotting 'X-Men' as the second unit director, that means 'X-men' will fight like 'The Matrix'?! Isn't it cool or what?

Oh you didnt know! For those that dont, Jet Li will be appearing as a guest on the Jay Leno Late Night Show on March 20th , so dont miss out !
Once again I have updated the Ladies section and has included a total of 5 women in Jet Li movies. To go directly to there Click Here.

It also appears that networks are beginning to broadcast the trailer to Romeo Must Die. I had a chance to see it when i was watching dubbya-see-dubbya (I don't know why) and it definetly shows promise. For those who havent seen the trailer yet, you can download it Here courtesy of The Official Romeo Must Die Website.

By Brian Koukol source taken from CHUD.com

Yesterday, I stopped by the LA Sci-Fi and Comic Book Convention at the Shrine Expo center in LA. The guest of the day was one Jet Li, who sat down for a brief Q&A session with the group.

In an effort to protect you from the idiotic questions that certain mentally unstable creatures threw out at Jet (and the fact that my minidisc player's mic was acting up), I'll just give you the good stuff:

When asked if he was going to play Boba Fett in Episodes 2 and 3, Li replied that he had not been approached, but he would love to play Fett.

He was asked if he would ever want to work with John Woo and said that Woo was a very talented director and was someone that he very much wanted to work with.

Li said pretty much the same thing when asked about teaming up with Jackie Chan. Li said that Chan was a very good actor and would like to work with him at some point.

When asked about a possible sequel to "Black Mask", Li said that the production company was working on something but he was not involved in it.

Throughout the talk, Jet Li was saying all the right things. He openly said that he does his best and loves all the films he has been in, but he makes them for us. He said that he wanted feedback to know what we liked and didn't like about "Romeo Must Die" and what scenes worked for us. He also said that if the fans really wanted it, he would do a "Fist Of Legend 2". All in all, he was really a nice guy. Even if he couldn't kick ass, he sounds like he would be a great guy to hang out with.

This just in, Blackground Records will release Romeo Must Die: The Album. It is scheduled for release on March 21, the day before the movie opens and will feature 15 brand new joints by an all-star array of hip-hop and R&B talent, including Aaliyah, Destiny's Child, Ginuwine, Joe, Mack 10, Timbaland & Magoo, and BG from Ca$h Money. Aaliyah (Jet's woman)contributes four tracks to the album with three new songs and with one being a collaboration with DMX, who also plays a role in the film. Aaliyah's knockout track ``Try Again'' will be released as the album's first single, accompanied by a video clips of the movie. Be sure to get this album!

SOURCE: Blackground Records

Hola peeps, This taken from Ain't It Cool News today, Apparently, Jet Li is all but signed to play Kato in a new Green Hornet Movie. Now Harry checked up on this little tidbit and Jet has agreed to do the project, but Universal is not keen on the idea. I'll try and keep you fans updated on this , But this is probably just speculation.
On February 20th Jet Li will be attending the L.A. Comic Book Convention Center! Must be nice to live in L.A. News to Jet: Come to Dallas, TX !