Ladies Description
Anita Mui
Not only has she appeared in My Father Is A Hero, but the lady is an accomplished and highly acclaimed singer as well as an actress.
Amy Kwok
This lady is one of my favorites and plan on finding more movies on her. This lovely was Jet Li's second or should I say Jr. of his brides in Fong Sai Yuk 2.
Chingmy Lau
Another one of my favorites is Chingmy Yau. I first saw her in Lord Of The Wu-Tang as was very impressed. Not only is she beautiful, but an ass kicker as well. She was also the reporter in High Risk and appeared in New Legend Of Shaolin as well.
Christy Chung
I first saw this girl in Tai Chi Master II and was somewhat interested in her. My friends on the other hand thought she was hot but I didnt know why. Then I got my hands on Bodyguad from Beijing and MAN! This woman was very seductive! Now I'm on my way to find more movies starring her.
Gigi Lau
Despite a somewhat short stinted role in Lord Of the Wu-Tang, I couldn't find myself not to include her and after you see her, you know why. Like Anita Mui she too is also a singer.
Michelle Reis
Michelle was the first wife of Jet Li in both Fung Sai Yuk and Fung Sai Yuk 2. Although we rarely see her do anything but look good in part 1. She did end up showing her skills to an unlucky Amy Kwok in part 2.
Sung Hi Li is a devoted site to Sung Hi Lee. This site contains every thing you need to know about her. Even though she is not in any king of way linked to Jet, She is my favorite!