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Thardferr Information

Information from the Thardferr page.

Thardferr, the Kingdom of Six Realms. Thardferr is an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (ADD) high fantasy world created for players to develop a character (called a Player Character, or PC) that will join others seeking adventure. Dungeons Masters (or DMs) have created modules (various plots) that will place 5 to 10 PCs into situations in which their decisions and actions can change this world.

Thardferr is a land of Adventure, where you PC is placed in challenging situations where they must rescue the princess, protect a village from raiders, explore ancient ruins and accomplish quests.

Mystery, where your PC uncovers secrets long lost, solve mind bogging puzzles and traps and become involved in plots which have far reaching results. Intrigue, where your PC can interact with others who have their own agendas, some for and others against what the character is trying to accomplish. The decision of what your PC does is up to you. ADD is an experience based game which means your PC gains experience with will help advance your PC, making them better at what they do. In other words, the more the player gets involved in the plot of a DM's module, the better the player's PC will become at what the PC does. The player will experience and watch there PC grow from a weak to accomplish adventurer.

Thardferr is a high fantasy world which mean your PC can be and interact with Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes or, even, the barbaric Orcs or Goblins. It is not impossible to see dragons flying in the sky or fending off the attacks of skeletons or talking to a Sphinx. The plots of the nodules written by the DM are similar to the stories and imagination of the great fantasy writes of today and the past. Instead of reading the story the player is drawn into the plot by the decision their PC makes that affect the story line and outcome of the module. It is a fantasy play in which the players help write the ending by what their PCs do and decide.

Sword and Sorcery are the tools provided for your PC to accomplish their task, as well as the player's deductive reasoning and intelligence. Your PC can be a mighty fighter that can wield various weapons when encountering monsters or antagonists; or your PC can be a thief who acquires objects through skill and disarms traps that stop you from reaching an objective; or your PC can be a cleric that interacts with the deities of the land and cast magic which cure diseases and heal wounds; or your PC can be a mage in service to the Emperor that casts great spells that can destroy, build, or find information.

In Thardferr, open casting of magic by mages is illegal. Over the last 400 years the Sythian Mages had fought three wars with those that live in the land, wars where magic was used to destroy towns and kill thousands . Over 200 years ago, just after the 2nd Mage War, the Emperor outlawed the public use of magic with the agreement of all the races. Those caught are subject to arrest with long imprisonment or are executed. In some towns, the local inhabitants are likely to tar and feather or stone one that they suspect being a mage.

This does not stop a player from having a PC mage, there are both legal and illegal mages. Legal mages are trained and registered by the Emperor's government and have a legal precedence if arrested. Illegal mages must find their own training and are subject to the full force of the law if they are caught and arrested. This just adds complexity to running and developing a mage PC.

Check out the Thardferr homepage for more information.


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