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Thardferr Newbie Information

Character Creation and Registration
NOTICE: Thardferr registration has been updated. You can register now.

1. Get the 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook and read it thouroghly. Check out my online store below to order online.
2. Go to the Thardferr Website and register a character. Click on the link "Playing Online" then on the link "Player Registration".
3. The form is automated. Just plug in your statistics.
4. Languages count as non-weapon proficiences.
5. Use the website form to sumbit your character.
6. If you don't get a reply after sending in your registration, you can email the Thardferr website Admin. His name is Abakar and you can email him at the following address: Email him only as a last resort.

Playing and finding a party and DM.

1. Download WebRPG and Java runtime programs. These are the online programs Thardferr is played on.
2. Download ICQ. This is an online chat program used while playing in Thardferr.
3. Post messages on the Thardferr message board looking for players or DMs.
4. Post a message to the above board starting a campaign party.
5. Visit DM and player websites on my links page.


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