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Enter brave traveller...

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08-04-00 Please vote for me at the Fiction-Fantasy Top 100 and the RPGNexus Top 100.
08-03-00 I will be getting DSL soon and will start my party up again. Check back soon. Please vote for us at the Ultimate Fantasy Top 50 above.
05-05-00 Wow! Six month's since my last update. Sorry but I have been busy with other projects. I have won an award! Click on the link Awards to see who gave it to us. The campaign section will be closed down until I get a DSL line. AOL isn't cooperating with WEBRPG so I'll have to wait until then. There have been some links added to the Links page. A lot more are coming soon.
11-23-99   New table design for the whole website.
11-17-99   New links added to Campaign and Links pages.
11-16-99   I have finally updated! Little changes here and there. Accepting submissions for my party again. Check my Campaign section for details. Party members can post messages to other members in my forum. Please do not post in the forum if you are not a party member.
09-07-99   We are back online. Please vote for me at Medieval Knight's Top 100. Updates coming soon.


This site is dedicated to playing AD&D online for FREE! The ADND page will let you know what AD&D is all about.

The Thardferr page will give you information about the online world I play in. The Newbie page will give you information on signing up in the world of Thardferr. The Campaign page will update you on my Thardferr party. Please sign my Guestbook to the left.

Find Banners to link to me on the Link to Me page. Check out my Links and Webrings pages as well.


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