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05-05-00 My campaign has been shut down until further notice. Do not email me to join my party.
11-20-99 Another member added below. Welcome Warren! Still looking for a DM. Still looking for a healer.
11-18-99 Another member added below. Welcome Ali-Razen! Still looking for a DM. Still looking for a healer and a mage. Email me if you would like to join.
11-17-99 1 new member added below. Welcome Thomas Sunglory!
11-16-99 I am looking for party members now. Must be registered in Thardferr. Check my newbie page for information on signing up in Thardferr. I still need a DM. The time is Tuesday nights after 11pm central. Email me for more information.
09-07-99 I am in search of a registered Thardferr DM for Tuesday nights after 11pm central. Email me if you can DM on that night.

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Sir Dralen

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