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The St. Cyril Theatre Guild Presents The Mousetrap



Directed by Jill Elizabeth Aufill

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The original Mousetrap began life as a 30-minute radio play Three Blind Mice, presented by the BBC to honor the late Queen Mary's 80th birthday. The story is set in 1940 and takes place at a bed and breakfast known as Monkswell Manor, which is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Davis. Many years previous, at a very young age, three children were sent to live at Longridge Farm. The Greggs, who owned the farm, were extremely cruel and mistreated the children. After one boy died, Mr. Gregg was killed escaping from the police and Mrs. Gregg went to prison. Just released from priosn, Mrs. Gregg is murdered and the next target appears to be a young woman at Monkswell Manor - but the murderer could be either the brother of the murdered boy or his sister (now both adults). The Davises don't know the background of any of their paying guests - and neither does the audience! To make sure the murderer doesn't leave the premises prematurely, Dame Agatha closes access in and out of Monkswell Manor by creating a huge blizzard which leaves it up to the guests (and the audience) to determine "whodunit" in this classic.


(in the order of their appearance)



SCENE 1: The Great Hall at Monkswell Manor; Late afternoon
SCENE 2: The Great Hall at Monkswell Manor; The following day after lunch
SCENE 1: The Great Hall at Monkswell Manor; Ten Minutes Later
SCENE 2: The Great Hall at Monkswell Manor; The Present

The Mousetrap has recently reached its 50th anniversary.


Auditions were held Tuesday evening May 6, 2003 at St. Cyril Catholic Church in Houston. Everyone who read did an exceptional job and casting was a difficult process. The Mousetrap is NOT a musical and since this is only the Guild's third non-musical production, casting was based on dramatic stage presence and the director's vision for the overall production. Congratulations to all those who auditioned! Everyone is invited to participate with the "technical" side of the production in order to make The Mousetrap a huge success. The Cast List is posted and cast members will be notified of the rehearsal schedule as soon as it is finalized...

Break a Leg!

Everyone is invited to come join us for
"Dinner and a Mystery!"

The Mousetrap will open Friday JULY 25 with additional performances on Saturday July 26, Friday AUGUST 1, and Saturday August 2, 2003. Each performance will be a Dinner Show, sponsored in cooperation with The Knight's of Columbus. Dinner Assistance will be provided by Life Teens

Our Director, Jill Aufill, has now completed her seventh season as Director with the Guild. Check out some of Jill's thoughts on directing and community theatre on her "Director's Page".

Orchestra Director: RON HARTBERGER

Last Update 06/12/03

We are beginning our 13th year of production, having concluded our twelfth season of providing quality community theatre in Houston with our production of Cinderella, which opened August 23, 2002 for six performances. Our Year Ten Anniversary production of Grease!, which closed on July 15, 2000, completed what was our most successful run in our history, and Li'l Abner, was a similar success financially, with ticket sales about the same as they were for Grease!

To learn more about The Theatre Guild's history and our Previous Productions, please click this link.

To learn more about Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap you can order an audio book at Three Blind Mice.

If you would like to Agatha Christie's book on which The Mousetrap is based, you can order the book at Three Blind Mice.

Once you think you have mastered The Mousetrap, you can test your knowledge taking The Mousetrap Trivia Quiz at Linda's Three Blind Mice Quiz page.

Our local Houston visitor links are open for those of you visiting Houston. Please review our Houston page for a list of restaurants and other local attractions.

About The Guild and Past Performances

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Originally Posted 5/4/03
Last Update On 6/12/03

Total Hits for Cinderella, = 650 as of 5/5/03
Total Hits for Li'l Abner, = 3300 as of 5/5/03
Total Hits for our 10th Anniversary Show, Grease!, = 8600 as of 5/5/03
Total Hits for our year nine show, Anything Goes! = 16,900 as of 5/5/03

We had 375 hits prior to the close of Cinderella, as Yahoo! chose not to list us last year.
We had 1502 hits prior to the close of Li'l Abner.
We had 1352 hits prior to the close of Grease.
and 11,822 hits prior to the close of Anything Goes!

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