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Mark Of The Dragon
-by Kimmleechan

There was something happening that I did not understand. Not that I minded,
but I did want to understand what it was. I questioned it and had even done
research on the internet trying to figure out my dreams. They were too vivid
and too real to ever be considered just dreams. Still I accepted and welcomed
each one, because they were my own personal time with him. I cherished and
treasured them and looked forward to every night with anticipation.
   I was very sleepy as I laid my head on my pillow and felt myself drift
off to sleep gently and swiftly. Suddenly I was back in our special meeting
place. It was a large mansion with many rooms. The room I was in at the
moment was our favorite room to share our dreams, thoughts, and ideas in.
It was white and open with a large arched window in the front that we would
sometimes use as a looking glass as well. It was as open as our minds were
to new things, although we were both very much part of the old ways. We
did not believe in stifling our dreams, but letting them take flight and
seeing how far they could go. Mine were in no way, shape, or form as huge
as his. He had many plans for the the future and they were each very special
in their own way.
   He loved to share all things with me. Just as he, also, shared his pain
and frustration when they arose. I am always there for him. He is my mentor,
my very best friend, my closest confidant, and me my lover in all ways.
He has taught me to love myself more and, also, to share my now greatly
expanded love with others. I've learned that such true love cannot be held
for any length of time. If it is real....and I've never known anything so
real as this....I have to share it. I feel it around me all the time, even
through my waking hours. he and I will always be together in spirit and
in heart. No one or nothing will ever be able to take away what we have.
It is precious and rare.
   He walked into our sharing room wearing casual clothes that he was most
comfortable in. The navy blue sleeveless tank top and grey sweat pants.
   "Ah!" he said. "Just in time. I have some very good news! I'm so excited!"
 When he was excited like this he looked so cute like a little boy.
   "Yes?" I asked. "Aren't you going to tell me?"
   "Of course," he said. "The time is coming when we'll meet on the earthly
plane." He smiled big and took my hands in his.
   "Very good news," I exclaimed.
 "I can't wait," he said and kissed my hands. "We've shared so much and
is so much more to share."
   "Yes," I said. "I know."
   "No," he said. "You don't. Not, yet. That's why I wanted to explain.
They are important to us. Very important for our future."
   He told me of good and bad things that had to come to pass for us to
make our first meeting. Unusually there was something that we strongly
disagreed on. As much as I loved him and wanted this to finally happen
I could not and did not want unpleasant htings to occur.
   "No!' he said. "You're not listening to me!"
   "Why should I have to listent to unpleasant things if I don't have to?"
I asked.
   "Because it is important that you know," he said.
    "I don't want to know if it is like this," I said walking into another
room. This one was in dark blue with all white furniture. He followed me.
  "This is one way that you will know that these are true and not just
merely dreams," he said. "You will remember when they happen."
   "It's too much," I said beginning to cry. "Please, no."
   "Yes, I'm afraid so," he took me in his arms and I cried into his chest.
"I wish it wouldn't, but for us to be together finally....there is no other
way." His voice was gentle and he stroked my hair. When my tears stopped
we sat on a couch that felt as soft as a cloud and he still held me in his
arms. That's what I remembered and felt the next morning. His strong arms
around me comforting me.

    When I returned to him the next night it was as if time had stood still.
His arms still enfolded me. He touched my hair.
   "Better now?" he asked softly.
    "Yes," I said. "How could I not feel better with your arms around me?"
he smiled and kissed my lips gently.
   "Good," he said. "On to more pressing matters."
   He brought me into another room. It looked strangely familiar but we
had never been here before. Candes lit all around. As he brought me in further
I saw the Egyptian statue.
   "Remember this?" he asked and smiled down at me. It was a sacred relic
that he had loved in our life together in Ancient Egypt.
   "Yes," I smiled. "It really was us, after all. A remembrance of a past
   "Yes," he said. "I wasn't sure that you would remember so quickly."
    "You did build that pyramid then," I said.
    "You could tell? How did you know?" he asked.
    "By the smile on your face when you were there at the pyramids," I touched
his face. ""You were in your element."
   "No, I'm in my element when I'm with you," he said. I knew he meant it,
because I felt exactly the same way. I lived my days waiting for the nights
when we would be together.
   "Our sons?" I asked.
   "Yes," he nodded. "My son, your daughter. I wonder how they will react
when they do meet again."
   "I've thought about that, too," I said.
   "I wonder if they will feel the same type of strong connection that we
have," he said. Of course, if would be different, but if two people in the
same soul group meet it's destined that they will feel a connection right
   "Do you think that will happen? That they will feel so close right away?"
I asked.
   "Guess so," he said. "Look at what has happened with us. It would be
wonderful for them, but tonight is for us." He laid me back on a bed as
soft as feathers and took me in his arms once again.

    The following night we were back in the candlelit room. He was wearing
a long white satin robe. So was I.
   He took my hands in his and he began to delare  his eternal love and
devotion in a familar language. I immediately recognized it as Egyptian.
It was very heartwarming to hear our ancient native tongue. I answered him
   "I love you with my whole heart and soul," I declared. "There is no other
who I love as deeply and completely as I love you and there will never be.
You complete me. I will always be at your side, even in spirit when I cannot
be with you on the earthly plane. I belong to you and with you forever.
I will do whatever need be done for us to be together."
   "You do belong to me," he said. "Just as I belong to you. Let it be so
always and forever. Eternally together." He pulled me close to him. It was
then I realized there was nothing under our robes.
   "I wanted for us to renew our love and devotion to each other, because
I don't want you to ever doubt my love for you," he said.
 "How could I ever doubt you?" I asked my eyes tearing up.
    "You were a couple of nights ago," he said. "I want us always to find
each other and be together. That means more to me than anything. Please
don't ever doubt my love again."
   "I won't," I said.
   "Please don't be afraid if I can't control myself," he said softly.
   "What are you talking about?" I asked.
   "You know that I often get very passionate about things," he said. "This
you may not know how to handle. I promise I will try...." He looked deeply
into my eyes and his eyes glowed gold. He snarled slightly. I saw his teeth.
I tried to release myself from his arms to no avail. He kissed my lips and
then to the nape of my neck. I felt his hand grab one of my breasts and
squeeze it firmly. My robe fell off my my shoulders. His mouth moved down
to my left nipple and he licked it and around the areola. I moved to him
and did not resist. He bit my aerola and I felt the rush of blood from it.
He sucked it and drank some as it throbbed.
   He looked up at me and I saw the dragon in his eyes. I surrendered completely
to him. He moved back up to my neck and dove in there as well. He drank
as if he were famished. As he drank from me I felt the electricity between
more intense than anytime before.  The undeniable pulsing of our hearts
together as one.It made me feel that at last I was finally his.
   That morning I woke and my neck was itching and hurting at the same time.
How strange. I pulled my long hair back as I looked into my vanity and gasped.
 There were two holes in the nape of my neck. I pulled my gown down to see
the bite marks on my aereola. I remembered that portion of my dream very
vividly, especially when I saw and felt the dragon inside of him. That was
when I surrendered. Yes, the bites in my neck hurt a little, but it made
me believe he was with me now even now during the mundaneness of my waking

    That night we were in the candlelit room but we were both clad in dark
green robes. Green was definitely his color. He always said that green was
his favorite color because it was the color of my eyes. He said there was
nothing he'd rather look into than my eyes.
   "Let me see," he touched me. I turned away. There was a look in his eyes that
made me feel uncomfortable.
     "I'm sorry," I said.
     "No, I'm sorry that it has caused you pain. You have been asking for
proof, though, haven't you?" he asked. I had. I remembered very vivid dreams
and didn't quite know what to think of them. I wanted proof that there was
much more to this than only dreams.
   "Remember how wonderful it felt as our hearts were beating as one?" he
   "Yes, it certainly did," I said and moved closer to him.
   "Then we sometimes have a little pain as a consequence of our desire
for eternal closeness. It's very simple," he said. "We do what we feel we
have to do. I found the way to bring us even closer."
   "I'm glad," I replied.
   "Come here," he said and pulled me over to him. He kissed my mouth and
playfully bit my bottom lip, My knees got weak. His eyes once again had
that golden glow. He offered me his wrist.
   "Drink," he said as he showed me his teeth. He took my head and pushed
it down to his wrist that I could feel pulsating.
   "How?" I asked.
   "You'll know how," he said. I took a bite and tasted his blood. It was
gushing. It was warm and salty. I took as much as I could.
   "Good girl," he said. "You'll heal much quicker now and now we have cemented
our fate forever." As I drank I felt our hearts pounding together again.
That was the reason I sacrificed my fears to feel what I truly desired.
It was the closest I havd ever felt to him.
   "Now we can choose when we want to share this again," he explained. "We
are one always and forever more." He kissed me and tasted his warm blood
on my lips. This is would have never fantasized in my waking hours but it
was loving, passionate, and completely fulfilling all at the same time.

    I woke that morning and was not surprised to read on the internet that
he was coming to a city nearby. He would be making an appearance at a charity
event there. We knew each other through written correspondence but had not
yet met face to face on the earthly plane. I wondered how it would be. He
seemed to be a different person than what I knew him to be on the astral
plane during our time together. I read a extensively and, also, heard that
he was a very complex man. This was quite contradictory in some aspects,
but not in others.
   Also, I read where an old friend of his had suffered a heart attack.
In addition, a friend had filed some bogus charge against him. It was so
sad. Why would anyone want to hurt him? Then there were the rumors going
around about a final split with his wife. He had only done what he felt
was right and now he was going to have to pay for this as well. These were
only some of the things he had shared with me. There was more to come and
I felt a tear run down my cheek. It was very sad and I could not understand
why any of this was necessary. I had to trust what he told me. He was the
truth I knew, my only real truth. I knew he would never mislead me.
   I picked up the phone and made a V. I. P. reservation to the charity
event. Knowing how quickly the tickets would go because he'd not come to
this part of Texas I was not about to let this opportunity pass. No way.
It was not my preference in how I wanted us to meet, but with everything
that had been happening I was very eager to look into his delicious brown
eyes and see what his reaction would be.

   The next night we were back in our sharing room sitting at a table.
    He took my hands and and said,"It's almost time."
   "Will you know me?" I asked.
   "Of course," he said. "We are one. How could I not know you?"
   "Good," I said. "I feel better now. It won't seem real until it happens
and then I will wonder..."
   "There will be no wondering," he said softly and kissed my hands.

    The day arrived when I was to drive to Houston for the event. I had
butterflies in my stomach but knew they would go away as soon as I laid
eyes on him. I listened to his cd's on the way into the city. They always
had a calming effect on me. I drove into a very nice hotel that was close
to the venue.
   I walked in to acquire a room as I didn't think that I would be up to
driving back home so late. I knew how these kinds of events went all too
well. I got to my floor and heard a very familiar voice. It was him. It
had to be. I walked past the room as if I was looking for something.
I was quite surprised that the door was open. he leaned against the
door frame as I was walking past again.

   "Looking for someone?" he asked with a twinkle in his eyes. He was wearing
the chocolate brown suit I had seen him wear on one of the talk shows. He
was the most delicious thing I had ever seen.
   "Just making sure I found the right room," I said.
   "You have," he said looking into my eyes. He took my hands. "I've been
waiting for you." I smiled back at him. My heart was melting.
   "Why don't you come in?" he asked and closed the door behind us.
   "Do you have time?" I asked.
   "For you, of course," he smiled. "You'll be there tonight?"
   "Yes," I said. My heart was pounding. I was lucky to get that one word
   "I'm glad we can plan," he said. "I want you beside me. Don't worry about
whatever arrangements you've made already. You're with me. Do you prefer
seperate rooms? I could call and cancel yours, if you want. I'd really prefer
you to be here with me." I didn't quite know what to think.
   He took my hand and said," Sit down with me, please. It's okay. Really.
It's me. I don't mean to confuse you, but since we are one why would we
need seperate rooms, right?" I swallowed hard. He moved closer to me and
brushed back my long hair away from my neck. I could feel his breath on
me and I felt lightheaded.
   "Looks much better," he said. "Look at this." He revealed his wrist to
me and I gasped.
   "You really got into it, didn't you?" he smiled with that devilish look
in his eyes that slayed me. "It will be gone soon and so will my marks
on you. But it's in here where they really matter. He touched his heart.
   "It is in my heart where I feel you," he said as he looked deeply into
my eyes and the golden glow was there once again. He kissed me and I knew
that the mark of the dragon was in my heart forever.

                                          Part Two
We walked into the charity event together and I heard people ask, "Who is
she? What is she doing here?" I sat by his side as was his request. On his
other side was his partner. I was not used to the royal treatment. He had
advised me to smile and be gracious. No one else would ever need to know.
We were getting some suspicious looks.
   "Don't pay attention to that," he whispered grabbing my hand under the
table. "They will never know or understand." So I paid attention only to
him. He was all that mattered.
   It was time to take the V.I. P. photos and he had a couple taken of us
first. He then escorted me back to the table where I chatted with the one
other person there I knew, his partner. We watched as the photos were being
   "He looks energized," the partner said. "You're very good for him. Usually
he just glazes over." He was even being animated.
    He came back to the table and smiled,"That was fun. I'm looking forward
to the meeting with the fan club afterwards. I'm going to introduce you."
   "What do you mean?" I asked.
   "I'll introduce you as my soul mate," he said. "Now that the other has
been announced there is no reason not to. I want everyone to know." I blushed
and felt my whole body become flushed as he touched me.
    "They'll know soon enough, won't they?" I said. I knew that there were
probably, at least, a few people here that I knew from the internet.
   "Okay, so I won't make a big deal ," he smiled. "Yet. I will in due time."
 I was very grateful. It was more than enough for me to be here with him
at this event.
   A woman I did not recognize got up to speak. She was tall and lean. He
snarled. I was concerned.
   "Who is she?" I asked. "And why are you not happy?"
   "She was not supposed to be here," he said. His eyes began to glow.
   "What's wrong?" I asked.
   "She's a witch," he said. "I have problems to deal with whenever she's
   "Oh," I said. "What does she do....put you under a spell?"
   "No," he said. "I'm only under your spell." He smiled and touched my
face in that charming way he had. he seemed to be coming out of whatever
was bothering him.
"She has cast a spell, though, and I feel very unsettled. I can feel it
in the air. I don't like this at all. She must have been here while they
were getting things ready."
   "Oh," I said. "That's bad, isn't it?"
   "Yes," he said. "Can't let it happen. Whatever spell she has cast. I'm
not sure if there's something that could be easily done to prevent it."
    "How about powerful meditation or prayer?" I asked.
   "Don't know, but it would be worth a try," he said.
    "Is there a back room somewhere?" I asked.
    "Yes, behind the stage," he answered.
    "I'll go there and meditate for a few minutes," I said.
    "I'm going with you," he said. After talking to his very agreeable partner
we got up and disappeared into the backstage area. He held my hand as we
looked around.
   "I wonder if there are any candles back here," I looked.
  "Candles?" he asked. Suddenly there appeared a few large lit candles around
    "Did you do that?" I asked. I was beginning to wonder about his powers
by this time.
    "What do you think?" he answered his eyes twinkling at me like stars.
We were laughing when we heard someone come backstage.
   "Excuse me?" We heard her voice and turned around to see it was the tall
stately woman he'd stated wa sa witch. "I wanted to see where the guest
of honor had gone. May I ask who this woman is?"
   "She's with me," he said. "That's all you need to know." He snarled at
    "Another conquest?" she laughed. "Oh, please."
   "No," he said. "She is mine. You should know better than to mess with
what belongs to me."
   "Oh, merely a possession," she said. "I understand."
   "I am not his possession," I said. "I belong to him and he belongs to
   "That's right," he said.
   "Oh," she said disapprovingly. "That's different." The curtain went up
and everyone saw his arms protectively around me. Everyone gasped.
   "This is your hero," the woman said. "Stealing intimate moments with
is new love. Some guest of honor."
   "We were not being intimate," he said. "She is my soul mate and I see
nothing wrong with a few private moments."
   "We know what you mean by private moments," she said shaking her head.
"I say that we said end this evening now. You have only embarrassed all
of us."
    "The only reason that you are doing this is because you want him," I
said. "That will never happen. He is mine."
   "What has he promised you? He always does that with is trinkets of affection,
" she smiled.
   "I have pledged my love to her," he answered.
   "Your undying love. Oh, that's sweet," she laughed.
   "It is true," he said. "It is the truest love I've ever known. How dare
you laugh at it?"
   "I remember when you said another woman was your true love and how you
treated her. Now you no longer want her."
   "I should have known," he said. "This is very different. I don't expect
anyone to understand this unless they have found real love. I was mistaken
and carried away in my youth."
    All of a suddenly she changed to another body. A beautiful, petite oriental
   "Why?" he said. "Why can't you just leave me alone? It's over. It was
over years ago."
   She was sobbing. It was obvious that his heart was cold towards her.
My heart ached for her. I knew now how it felt to love him completely and
to have his love in the same way. I would be devastated if I ever lost him
or his precious love.
   "Don't feel sorry for her," he said. "She deserves everything that she's
getting. She was not a faithful love." He took my hand and we walked off
the stage back to the table.
   "Please excuse this rude interruption," he said. "If anyone wants to
continue now would be an appropriate time."Most were still in shock due
to the strange turn of events.
     A young man walked into the hall and said politely,"Sorry to interrupt,
but I heard there was trouble." He was a younger version of the man I loved.
I was confused.
    "What can I do?" he asked.
    "Who told you?" he asked. "Well, since you're here...."
    The witch was floating as if on a cloud. "Oh, a chip off the old block,
how special." She pointed at the young man and said,"Choose your side."
   "No choice," the young man said and walked over to us.
   "Isn't she your mother?" I asked. This was all too confusing.
   "My mother? No, you're my mother," he said. "You brought me to the earthly
I smiled and felt a warn glow deep in my heart. I'd never had a child speaking
in such devotion.
   "He is ours," he said to me. "He will never deny you."
   "No!" she screamed and waved her arm. There was a strong gust of wind
pulling our son to her. "He is my son!"
   "He is ours!" he said and looked at her with a grimace. "You must stop
this masquerade and reveal your true self." He took our son's arms and pulled
him back to us. Things began to fly around the room as if they were strange
whirlybirds. No one in the hall had moved. They had not even attempted to
move from their seats. I was now beginning to understand that this was all
a game. A weird game.
   "Never!" she said. "I will never reveal myself here."
   He crossed his arms and gave his most angry look.
   "Oh, really?" he asked. "I don't think you know who you are dealing with."

   "Yes, I do," she said. "I know everything there is to know about you."
   "No, you don't," the young man stood proudly right beside his father.
"My father doesn't fight my battles anymore, Witch. I do."
   She withdrew a little and seemed to consider.
   "Be careful what you choose," he said. "As if I care, but you deserve
to do battle with the my son. I know his strength. You don't." He shook
his head and walked back over to me.
   "No!" she screamed."She can't have you!" She threw another strong wind
to attempt to seperate us. He was hanging on tight to me.
   "She already has me," he said. "She and I belong together for all time.
Nothing can change that."
   "Oh, so that's how it goes," she said. With a wave of her hand stood
there completely naked revealing all of what she believed to be her best
   "Be gone from me," he said. "You disgust me."
   "Oh, this isn't what you really want?" she said strutting the front of
the stage. There were a few wolf whistles. "Come on, handsome. You know
you want it. Don't kid yourself. You can have it right here and now."
   "Please cover yourself," he said.
   "Oh, well, maybe the young one will want it," she said moving over in
front of him.
"Come on, baby. Let's get it on," she said touching him inappropriately.
   "You're dreaming," he said and put his arm up and threw her against a
   "Oh, come on, honey," she said. "Don't act that way. Come and get it."
She spread her legs and showed him what he was missing.
   He put his arm up again and with his power he banged her hard right where
she seemed to want it. This quieted her because one more hard pound and
she was laying on the floor of the stage. She became her true self finally.
A skinny red head. A few guys walked over to look at her.
   "Leave her be," the young one said. "She's caused enough trouble. Have
you not seen a naked woman before?" He grabbed something to cover her with.
Then the partner called the hospital. It was certain that the evening had
been ruined.

   "Let's get out of here," he said taking my hand. We got to the car quickly
and soon we were back at the hotel.
   "Would you mind telling me what all that was about?" I asked as we entered
his suite and he closed the door to ensure privacy.
   "Don't want to talk about it," he said. "I just want to feel you close
to me." He took me in his arms and we sat on a large leatherly feathery
soft couch. he kissed me. "I don't ever want to think about us being apart
again. I won't let that happen."
   "Good," I replied. "I need you, too, but please explain."
   "Okay," he said. "Since you insist. Which one of me would you prefer?"
He suddenly was the young man and then back to him again.
   "That was you?" I smiled.
   "Good, wasn't I?" he smiled with that twinkle in his eyes again. "Are
you sure you wouldn't prefer the younger me?"
   "No, no," I said. "I definitely want the real you, not a manufactured
   "She never figured it out, either. The witch. She's been stalking me
for a while. Won't have to worry about her anymore. You have my heart. You
will always have me. All of me." He kissed me again and I did in no way
resist. I surrendered to his true love once again. No one could ever seperate
us. Once he made me his I was his for eternity. That was all I ever wanted.
My dreams were coming true.

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