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                                 Jackie Our Inspiration



I for the way he inspires us.

N for the beautiful notes that come out when he sings.

S for his beautiful smile.

P for the years of practice in the arts that made him the Master.

I for the impression he makes on his fans.

R for the role model he is to his fans young and old.

A for all the action he gives us in his movies.

T for his total dedication to his fans.

I for the inspiration he gives to so many.

O for the only one who gives so much for his fans.

N for his nose which we think is quite adorable.

-by Kim Lewis Trimble

Love To Jackie

Love to our Jackie
Forever we will endure
Whatever it takes
Because there is no cure

No cure for this thing
That we are happy to be a part
Of being true JC fans
That's deep within our hearts

We spread it around to others
Since we are happy to endure
Because we so want to share
To those whom Jackie will endear

We remain loyal and committed
To the Chan Man himself
Who gives his all
To the fans - ourselves

Who has given more
Than he has to his fans
No one else whom I know
Considers them in their plans

Jackie means so very much
To us as he really cares
And he has a special touch
To which no one else can come near.

-By Kim Lewis Trimble

The inspiration which Jackie gives to so many of us we so often think that he doesn't quite know that he is touching us in these very special ways. We want him to know that he has made such a difference in our lives and we appreciate him more than we can adequately express. This is why we want to help show how much he really means to us, his fans, and his Sisters.