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Forever Dragon
-by Kimmleechan

    Now that we were officially a couple and we would be attending our first
event together I had some preparations to make. Where was that dress I loved
so much? I had to find it. I wanted it to be the one that everyone first
saw when I was on his arm. Moving to California had not been the easiest
thing but I did it to be with him. It was not like we could be together
all of the time, but most of the time. As an author and an editor I had
much more freedom than he did about where I lived. I could write from anywhere
which was an advantage for us. I could go with him wherever.
   I, also, came to California to be closer to my daughter which he was
thrilled about, also. She had moved to be with her boyfriend who has been
transferred here. She found an excellent job with a legal firm as well.
   "Lucy," I called. "Come help me find that lacy lavender dress, please."
   "Oh, I think I know where I saw it," she said walking through the boxes,
picked one, and took the dress out. She had an uncanny way of finding things.
   "Thanks, honey," I said. "Have you gotten all your things packed?" She
was overjoyed when he had asked she and her boyfriend to co me to Hawaii
with us. He said they'd be too busy to disturb us. That made me giggle which
I rarely did except when I was with him.
   "Getting packed?" he walked in from the garage and kissed me.
   "Yes," I said. "I only had a couple of things to find."
   "I'll help you get this all organized when we get back home, Mom," Lucy
   "Are you all packed?" he asked.
   "Yup." she said. "It didn't take me very long. I'm so excited!"
   "I'm so glad that you and Sean can come with us," he said.
   "A week in paradise," she smiled.
   "Yes," he said and looked down at me. "That's what I'm looking forward
   My daughter asked," Tell me again how you found him?I wish Sean was so
   "That's what Hawaii is for," he said. "I'm sure it will inspire him."
We laughed.
   "I'm so happy to have Mom here in California," she said. "And it's all
thanks to you."
   "Plus she needed a change," he said. "Anything for family harmony." Lucy
looked at him curiously.
There was somehting he wasn't saying.
   "You ladies finish up so we'll be ready for our trip to airport in the
morning," he said. "I'll be in the den if you need me."
   "He really is quite a guy, Mom," she siad. "You're a very lucky lady."

   "I know," I smiled. "Let's recheck and make sure I haven't forgotten

   The next afternoon as the plane was getting close to landing on the big
island he took my hand.
   "Are you ready for this?" he asked.
   "More than ready," I said confidently.
   " I want everyone to know what a wonderful woman I love," he said. "Do
you think they will be surprised?"
   "Probably," I said. "We never questioned it, did we?"
   "Not for a moment," he answered. "Not since I first looked into your
beautiful eyes." He kissed me.
   "Oh, Mom," Lucy said. "You two are like teenagers. Are ya'll going to
be doing this the whole time?"
   "Better get used to it," he said. "I'll never let go of her."
   "Not such a bad things being like two teenagers in love," I said. "Maybe
you and Sean should try it."
 The plane landed and we knew there would be quite a bit of press there.
I had stomach butterflies but knew they would be gone after the first few
photos were taken. We stepped off the plane and cameras were everywhere.
Then we were taken to the rental car.
   "Not too bad," he said closing the passenger dorr. "I love your lei,
by the way. I had an special one ordered for you for the event tomorrow."
   "You're so good to me," I msiled. Off we went to the hotel. Lucy and
Sean were taking in the beautiful scenery.
   We checked into our rooms. After we were all settled in we were talking
about where we might go for dinner. Hawaii was one of his favorite places
to visit and he knew some great places thanks to his partner who was being
honored by his alma mater.
   "Mom, do you know why the Chief and one of the Elders would be here?"
she asked.
   "A vacation?" I said. "I don't know. Are you sure they are ours?"
   "Yes," she said. " I recognized them from the Pow Wow."
   "Pow Wow?" he asked. "Can I join in?"
   "We were talking about the Pow Wow that Mom and I attended in Oklahoma
for the tribe," she said.
   "Tribe?" he asked. "Are you Indian?"
   "Cherokee," I said. "We're only part Cherokee, but enough to be in the
   "Wow! That's great!" he said. "I've always been fascinated by Indians."
   "We call ourselves Native Americans," Lucy said. "Just so he knows."
   "Thanks very much, Lucy, " he said. "I love to learn and that's a very
important piece of information."
   We decided to have a private family dinner in our suite. He was rather
concerned about disruptions if we had gone out and gone downstairs to the
resteraunt. The patio was lovely and the scenery was to die for. What could
make it any better?
   "You know," he told us,"when I was a little boy I loved to play cowboys
and indians. Who would have thought I would be doing that now?" He laughed
and we joined in.
   Sean said," We are the cowboys and they are our squaws." Lucy and I both
looked at her boyfriend disapprovingly. "I was only joking, ladies."
   "Ladies," I don't talk about women in that way. Give him time. Sean will
learn. Here we are in such a beautiful place. You should be talking to her
very sweetly, don't you think?" Sean nodded.
   "I'm sorry," Sean said.
   "It's okay, I said. "Can we talk about other things than Native American
affairs?" I laughed.
   "Oh, I thought that was the topic," he smiled. "Okay, I'll change the
subject." He grabbed a small black box that I hadn't even seen.
   Lucy squealed,"Mom!"
   He knelt on one knee and said," "I love you very much. Would you do me
the honor of becoming my wife? I can't think of my life without you in it."
   I couldn't speak. Tears rolled down my cheeks. This was something I was
not expecting at all.
   "Yes!" I said given a minute to regain my composure.
   He kissed me and slipped the ring on my finger. It was an amethyst with
diamonds around it. He even knew my favorite gem stone. He had such excellent
   "It's so beautiful," I said.
   "Not nearly as beautiful as you," he smiled. " I was torn between the
amethyst and the emerald, but when I remembered that purple was your favorite
color I went with the purple."
   "It's perfect," I said.
   "Congradulations!" Lucy said and hugged both of us. "I can't believe
who is going to be my dad. I am so excited for both of you!"
   "Will Lucy be getting any little brothers and sisters?" Sean smiled.
   "Yes," he said. "She'll have a younger brother. As for any others, that's
up to her mother."
   "A brother?" Lucy asked. "I can't wait to meet him!"
   "You will when we get back home and have everything settled," he smiled.
"I'm very eager for him to meet your mom as well."
   "Oh, my goodness," I said. "Now you're going to make me nervous."
   "No need for that," he said. "I know he'll love you. We'll be one, big
happy family....even Sean." We all smiled.
   "Welcome to the family, Sir," Sean shook his hand.
   "Thank you," he said. "I think this is going to be a very interesting
family to be a part of."
   "Just wait until Thanksgiving and you'll meet Lucy's aunts. They are
too much."
   "I'm looking forward to it," he said. "We'll have to invite my son and
a few of the stunt team members, at least."
   "It's going to be a fun Thanksgiving," Sean said.
   "I think so," he agreed. "Let's toast to our new family ties. Then later
we can play cowboy and indian privately." He laughed and I blushed.
   "Oh, Mom!" Lucy giggled. "You're blushing!"
   "Oh, well," I said. "How often do I get proposed to by the man of my
   "Literally," he said and we smiled at each other. "Let's go take a look
at the beach."
   We got up from the table and walked hand in hand to look out over the
gorgeous beach.
   "Thank you," he said.
   "Thank YOU," I said. "How did you know how to make the perfect week even
more perfect?"
   "You inspire me," he kissed me. "I want to spend the rest of my life
with you. There is no other but you in my eyes."
   "You mean more than the world to me," I kissed him back. "You have given
me more inspiration than you'll ever know. I love you so much!"
   "I love you, too," he said. "Intensely."I looked over at Lucy and Sean.
They were holding hands.
   "Ah", I said. "Looks like the kids are finding this environment romantic
as well."
   "I don't need another reason to be inspired when I have you," he said
and held me close.
   "Me, too. Who needs anything else?" I asked. We walked back to the table.
   "I see everything is in order here," I said. Lucy smiled and I knew our
plan was working.
   "If you two don't mind," Lucy said, "we're gong to adjourn to our room
. I think that you two need some private time as well. See you in the morning.
 Love to you both."  After hugging us both they left. We sat there finishing
the wine.
   Then he stood up and said,"Come here to my heart." He held me close and
began slow dancing.
   "We don't have any music." I said.
   "Who needs music when you're in love?" he smiled. We danced and held
each other. He kissed me and danced me over to the bed. There were no games
to be played, just sweet and tender love to be made. What he did not tell
me was the surprise that was yet to come in our dreams.

   That night he stood before me and changed into his dragon self in all
his glory. He was an awesome and beautiful blue green creature. As he touched
me I began to change into a beautiful lavender and purple dragon.
   "Now that you are mine," he said,"you will have to fit the part of my
lady dragon. We can fly the friendly skies together." He laughed and flapped
his wings. We flew off together and unite the world in our love.
 "Through our love," he said. "We will unite those who do not know or have
the kind of love we do. We will bring them into our family."

   When I woke up I told him about the dream and he smiled.
   "What makes you think we can't do that?" he smiled. "Between us and our
talents we can unite many people."
   "Sounds wonderful," I said. "It's good to know that the inner you is
as beautiful as the outer."
   "Same for you," he said and kissed me. "That's why we get along so very
well. We both have very strong souls and hearts."
   "I agree," I said. "It's what drew me to you in the beginning. I felt
   "Now you know why I chose you," he said. "Why you are the only one I
could choose." We kissed and he showed me why waking up early wasn't such
a bad thing.

   I called Lucy and Sean to invite them to breakfast with us in the resteraunt.
   "You know who says we have to make an appearance," I said. "Are you and
Sean game?"
   "Absolutely," she said. "We'll meet you at your suite in about fifteen
   Weall walked into the resteraunt and I saw not a few heads turn but quite
a few. I was hoping not to attract a lot of attention.
   "We've been recognized," he said. "I think they are surprised that we
are together."
   "They shouldn't be," I said.
   "Wait until they see the ring," Lucy said. "Then it will be all over
the island."
   "That's what I'm hoping," he smiled.
   "Uh-oh," Lucy said. "Watch out for the dragon. He has plans."
   "I want to hear about these plans," Sean said. "Sounds interesting."
   "No real plans," he siad. "I enjoy surprising people. Seeing the look
on their faces when we walked in, for instance." He smiled and squeezed
my hand.
   "I'm sure you would love to hear what they were saying," I said.
   "Exactly," he answered.
   Just then his partner who was being honored came by to say good morning.
He introduced me as his fiancee and his close friend smiled.
   "I couldn't be more pleased," his partner said. "Congradulations." He
hugged me and his partner, The Dragon, as well. "Will you be officially
announcing it tonight?"
   "Yes," he said.
   "I'm very honored," his partner said. "That you would choose this event
to make the announcement. I will have to make sure that we have something
special to toast with."
   "He loves to make toasts," he said. "We've just made him very happy because
he now has another reason to make a toast." He smiled.
   "Yes, indeed," his partner and close friend replied. "I'll be seeing
you all later. " With that he was off to greet a few more friends.

Part Two

 We were both ready for the big event and admiring each other. He took my
hand and kissed it gently.
   "You make sure that everyone sees the ring," he said. "I want them all
to know you're mine."
   "Absolutely," I smiled. "I'm sure we'll be turning heads."
   "Me, too," he smiled. "Ready to go pick up Lucy and Sean?"
   "Yes," I said and grabbed my bag. We went down the hall to get them.

   "I dare say, Sean, that we're the luckiest guys tonight escorting our
beautiful ladies," he smiled.
   "I completely agree," said Sean. "Shall we?" We went down to the car.
   We arrived and were seated at the head table with his partner. Once again
there were a few whispers. He was ever the loving, devoted husband-to-be.
After he presented an award to his partner we were toasted as soon as his
partner made the official announcement of our enagagement. It was a beautiful
elegant evening that we were both enjoyed being a part of immensely. It
was done. I was very relieved that it was official and finally public.
   As we danced I felt quite a few eyes on us. It was a new experience for
me. He, on the other hand, was such a ham.
He enjoyed every minute of it as well. He was a master
at presenting himself just the way he wanted others to see him. He was,
also, not shy about kissing me in public which surprised me very much.
   "Now that we're official, why be shy?" he said. "I want everyone to see
how happy I am."
   "I'm glad you want to share our happiness," I said. "I thought you would
be more reserved."
  "Not when I'm with you," he smiled.
   There were several members of his fan club in attendance, but no arranged
meeting with them. He took my hand and went over to say hello to them and
introduce me to the ones he knew well. He was always so gracious to them.
He won my heart all over again. The fans were so nice and the fact that
they loved him, too, made us fast friends. His partner came over. We had
some photos taken with the three of us and with the fans as well.
   It was so touching that he received something from his fans that might
have been only a touch, a smile, or a laugh, but it meant so very much to
him. he had such a huge heart and his joy was to being joy to them. It mattered
not that he broke a finger, for example, or hurt another part of his body
if he made his fans smile and laugh. Who could not love a man with such a
big heart? I saw not only his heart of gold, but his vulnerability as well.
This allowed me to see inside of him like nothing else did and made me love
him even more. My heart melted.

   We left soon after as he seemed rather eager to return to the suite.
This was not like him. I was concerned.
   "No need for concern," he said softly as he closed the door. He turned
around to me and his eyes were glowing.
   "It's time," he said. "Time for our first meal together. I wouldn't leave
you to do it on your own. Did you see someone you liked tonight?"
   "Yes," I said. "I don't know how to attract, yet."
   "I think you did quite well, actually. We will go retrieve her later
tonight," he said. "Until then I want to hold you and feel you a part of
me." We laid there for a couple of hours until the night got darker.
   He sat up and said," Ready?" "They should be asleep by now. I'll follow
you  incase you need me. Just follow your instincts and you'll be fine."
   We immediately appeared in the hotel down the street from ours. I looked
to see what room my victim was in. She had a roommate, so I looked elsewhere.
 I found a beautiful, voluptuous lady. She looked familiar, but it didn't
matter. It was't until I had her in my arms and was carrying her to the roof
 that I noticed something that made me remember. She had been on one of those
scantily clad beach shows. It was never a favoirte program of mine, anyway.
She was one of those young Hollywood divas who was beautiful on the
outside but with no real substance on the inside. She wouldn't be missed.
At least, I was particular about who I chose.
   We arrived on a very unlikely place for our first meal together.
   He took one look and said,"No! not her! This is not good."
   "Yes, her," I continued. "It's very good, because I can't stand her."
   "Me, either," he said. "But an actress?"
   "Why not?" I said. "I'm starving. Come, My Dragon, drink with me."
   I took a bite into her flesh and began to drink. he was obviously fascinated
in observing me taking her life. He bent down and joined me. Just a taste
was all he wanted but he caressed my arm. Then he bent down and kissed me
hard and passionately.
   "I love to  watch you feed," he said. "You need your strength.Drain her
if you want. Then I have a surprise for you." I finished with her and left
her right where she was.
   He came to me and flew me back down to our bed. He kissed my lips, neck,
and the tops of my breasts which were revealed by my dress. He laid me down
and shared his intense desire with me as never before. It was then I realized
that he had a lust that overwhelmed him at times. His desire only heightened
my need for him.

   The next morning he was just as desiring as he had been the night before.
We had no need for breakfast, Our needs were deeper and much more intense.
It was a very good thing that we had no plans for the morning. Lucy and
Sean didn't call until late morning. We went down for brunch with them.

   "I've never known you to be so mellow and not be up early and be doing
something," she said.
   "Oh, we were busy," I said smiling.
   "Mom!" she exclaimed.
   "Blame it all on this beautiful scenery as inspiration," I said.
   "You are the only thing that inspires me," he smiled and kissed me.
   "Wow!" Lucy said. "Hey, did you hear about that actress who was found?
I don't remember her name, but she had a very strange last name that reminds
me of a sheep."
   "Yes," I said. He smiled a knowing smile at me and squeezed my hand.
   "Very good," he whispered. I was glad that he approved . He touched my
thigh and kissed me again. I had a feeling and I hoped I was correct. Last
night had not only beeen nutritionally fulfilling but satisfying in every
way. The look in his eyes told me that therre would be more to come.
   "After brunch," he said,"I have a meeting. Do you want to go sightseeing
with them?"
   "I'd rather stay with you," I said.
   "I was hoping you'd say that," he said patting my hand. "We have plans
to make for later." His sly smile confirmed what I thought to be true.

   After that short meeting with his partner we were sitting out on the
   "Tonight I choose the woman you will feed on," he said. "You need to
have the expereince and I enjoy watching you."
    "You were getting a lot out of it last night, weren't you? You animal!"
I smiled.
    "Yes, but you love it! You know you do!"
    "You're not hearing any complaints from me," I said. "Whatever you desire,
 My Dragon." He kissed me passionately again.
   "I love it when you say that," he said. "You're so good to me."
   We talked about our plans for the night. He was as always very thorough.
His excitement was quite obvious. He wanted to see me as the animal
he knew himself to be only the feminie form. As ge explained how it
excited him I saw another delicious and very fascinating
side of him. I loved seeing different sides of him. One usually can only
just begin to see under the mask of someone they love after years of being
together. I was very much looking forward to how much he would unravel for
me to see as the years went by.

    That night arrived and he pointed out my feast for the night as we hovered
over the trees.
   "Good?" he asked.
   "Yes, very," I replied. He knew exactly what I liked. He had even improved
on the last one.
   "We'll come back to get her in a while," he said. "Come dance with me."
He twirled me around in the air. He kissed my neck, my lips, and I knew
that his fever was rising in anticipation of my upcoming feeding. I enjoyed
every moment as I knew this was, also, a very special time for us to celebrate
and remember. Whatever would bring us closer had to be cherished. Plus the
animal in him brought out the female in me to the extreme. I wanted to do
and perform anything and everything he wanted. His wish was my desire.

   "It's time," he said and brought me to her...his chosen for me to drink
her life's blood. This time he wanted to watch me drain her where she slept.

   I touched her lightly as if to soothe her before I bit into her neck
and tasted her warm, salty blood.
That was what I had craved and needed. he knelt at my knees and watched
me very closely. As I was done he moved up very quickly to kiss my lips
and taste her blood on them. He pulled me to him. There was no doubt that
this is the way it would be with us forever. Sharing everything.

   Suddenly we were in Ancient Egypt kneeling at the bed of our father,
the Pharoah, as he was close to death. He placed my hand in my dear brother's
and he biod him take care of me as he took care of himself. It was then
that our lives together began. Now that we are together we will continue
forever to live as we are. One. This is how it was always meant to be.