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The Dragon's Heart
-by Kimmleechan

   The phone rang about a week later. I ran to the phone to pick it up.
   "Hi. It's me." I smiled. "Sorry I haven't been able to call as often
as I would like, but they've had me very busy with this project."
   "I understand," I said sitting on the recliner and enjoying the warm
feeling I had inside.
   "I have to see you," he said. "I can't stand being part this long. I
want to kiss you, hold you in my arms. That's impossible over the phone."
   "I know," I said." What an invention that would be! There's a warmth
in my heart right now hearing your voice."
   "But it's not the same," he said.
   "No, it's not, but it's very nice," I replied.
   "When can I see you?" he asked. "I'm not kidding. I'm in Dallas right
now. I could fly in for the weekend. What do you think?"
   "I think it's a wonderfu lidea," I said. "You don't know how much I miss
   "Yes, I do," he said. "I'm missing you just as much. So it's okay."
   "It's more than okay," I said. "When can you come?" It was Thursday morning
and my heart was beating even faster knowing that he could be here soon.
   "Well, I have to check the schedule, but I'd like to come in tonight
and have a long weekend," he said. "Let me check into it and I'll call you
back with the details. I miss you, I love you."
   "I miss you and I love you so much," I said.
   "I'll call you back as soon as I know," he said. We hung up and I was
dancing around the house. This was quite a surprise. I started the laundry.and
began on the bathroom before he called again.
   "I can be there at 5:45," he said. "I have already arranged that we will
have a seperate room to meet once I land. I'd like to keep this private."
   "I agree," I said.
   "Not that we'll be in the house all weekend, but I do think it would
be better if I'm not recognized immediately when I arrive."
    "True," I said.
    "I have something special for you," he said. "I saw it and had to get
    "Any hints?" I asked.
    "No," he said. "You'll have to wait until I'm there. It's from my heart."

    "You have a very dear heart," I said. "You don't have to bring me a
gift. You're more than enough of a present."
    "You'll understand when you see it," he said. "I could not resist."
He gave me the details about where to come in the airport to meet him. As
we hung up I couldn't believe he'd be here with me by late afternoon. There
was so much to do, so little time!
   Around noon there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw a bunch
of white roses. The delivery guy handed them to me. I got inside and my
head was even higher int he clouds. I never got flowers, nonetheless my
favorites! I opened the card and it read: "Princess, I can't wait to be there
with you! See you soon. I love you, Your Dragon". I shook my head and held
the card to my heart.I knew what a precious gift I had been given and I
was going to enjoy every moment of his stay. This was too much. It had me
floating through the house to finish getting everything ready. I was planning
our evening meal.I popped a favorite casserole into the oven and checked
to make sure that I had the accompaniments I needed as well. I wanted to
make him feel very much at home.
    The time was getting nearer to his plane arriving. My heart felt him
near. It was time to drive to the airport to get him. Once last glance around
the house to make sure everything was in order and I was off.
    I was brought into a room off to the side of the other arrival area
when I heard my name. I turned around and saw the handsomest man in the
world with his big, beautiful smile and twinkling eyes. He grabbed me and
twirled me around in his arms. I was a bit lightheaded by the time his lips
met mine.
   "I am so happy to finally be here with you," he said and kissed me again.
For a moment I thought his lips would devour me.
   "You feel so wonderful," I said. "I couldn't be happier to have you here."
 He picked up his bag and slipped out a black box. He opened it and I gasped.

   "It's beautiful!" I said. "You're right. It certainly fits." It was a
 gold and silver entertwined round open pendant of a dragon.I could not
think of anything more fitting.
   "So you like it," he smiled. "I'm glad. It's from my heart to yours."He
put it around my neck and kissed me softly.
   "Thank you," I said. "It just doesn't seem enough to simply say thank
   "I understand," he said. "I understand much more than you think I do.
You will see." He put his arm around me.
   "Ready to go home?" I asked.
   "Ahh...home," he sighed. "I'm more than ready to go home with you." The
look in his eyes was hypnotizing. Only he had that effect on me. his kiss
was intoxicating and as he pulled me close I could feel his heartbeat. I
thought I had known happiness before, but my happiness wa sonly truly beginning.

   We got to my car and I handed him the keys. I felt too inebriated to
drive. Being so close to him again once again was making feel a bit weak.
I wanted him to see that I was willing for him to take the lead.
   "I don't know how to get there," he smiled.
   "I do," I laughed. "You enjoy driving much more than I do, so why not
give you the pleasure?"
   "Pleasure is my wish for our time together," he said and kissed my neck.

   "That you will have," I answered softly. "More than you ever thought
possible. If you will allow me."
   "I want you to have your heart's desire," he said.
   "I already do," I smiled and he gave me another one of those long, passionate
kisses that I would never forget.
   "Let's go home," he said starting the engine. "Or would like to pick
up something to eat on the way?"
   "Dinner is in the oven," I said. "I just have to heat up a couple of
things in the microwave and we'll be all set."
   "What's for dessert?" he smied kidding around, but I wasn't.
   "You," I said and we snuggled closer.
   "Sounds like the best dinner I've had in a very long time," he said.
"Maybe we should have dessert first." He kissed my cheek.
   "Sounds good," I said,"But I believe in proper nutrition. Besides you'll
need your energy, My Dragon, and so will I." He smiled and held me closer.

   When we arrived he was properly introduced to my two female golden retrievers.
 They became immediate friends. Then we sat down to the casserole and a
bottle of wine. It was like finally coming home to somewhere you'd been
all your life, but you'd never really truly appreciated it until that moment.

   "Let me help you do the dishes," he said as I was putting them in the
  "I'll throw them in the dishwasher later," I said. "No need for that."
    "Oh, come on, let me do something," he said.
    "Okay, kiss me," I said. He did and almost swept me off my feet completely.
 "Oh, my goodness."
   "What?" he asked.
   "I'm really lightheaded now," I said. "Just a little."
   "Just a little?" he asked. Have I lost it?"
   "Oh, no," I said. "I assure you. You have not." He took me in his arms
and gave me an even deeper kiss.
   "Better?" he asked and he held me so close I could feel his heartbeat
   "Much better," I said and we walked into the den to snuggle on the couch.

   A little later he said,"I've never known anyone quite like you before.
I feel as you've bewitched me."
   "Oh sure," I laughed. "I put my special spell on you."
   "No, you really have," he said. "I've never felt I had to see someone
as strongly as I have you."
   "Speaking of spells, how about those inebriating kisses of yours?" I
smiled. "Uno mas?"
   He smiled and proceeded to make me feel drunk again with one of his deep,
delicious kisses. He took my hand and led me me into the bedroom where we
spent the rest of the night. There was no question about what we both wanted
and needed.

   The next morning I woke up with him gazing at me.
   "You're such an angel when you're asleep," he kissed me.
   "And a devil when I'm awake?" I laughed.
   "Maybe," he said,"more like fifty fifty. I'm not complaining at all.
I love it. It works out perfectly."
   "Special showing of your cartoon this morning," I said.
   "Let's watch it in bed," he suggested. "I want to hold you. I just don't
want to get up right now. You know I'm not at all like this usually."
   "I understand," I said. "I'll make us some tea after the show. Suddenly
I don't want to move at all."
   "Me, either," he said and he turned on the tv with the remote.
   "Ah, yes," he said. "One of my favorite episodes."
   "With the guy hwo sounds like F. Murray Abraham, " I said.
   "How did you know?" he asked. "You're good."
   "Actually, I'm very good with voices," I said. "I especially recognize
my fellow Arabs and he has a very distinguished voice. Not difficult at
   "Wow!" he said. "What a surprise you are?"
   "Is that good or bad?" I smiled.
   "Very good," he said and kissed me. "Brilliant. Any more surprises to
   "Maybe later," I smiled. "Depends on what you want to know."
   "I want to know everything," he looked deeply into my eyes. I felt I
could drown in his chocolate brown eys at that moment. Suddenly all I could
hear was his breath and mine as he moved down to kiss me. It was the most
beautiful sound on earth. There was only us. Together. Completely.

   "So much for watching your cartoon," I said later.
   "It's all my fault," he said. "I don't mind taking the blame. This time."
   "Okay," I laughed and threw a piece of clothing at him. "Time for breakfast.
 Don't tell me you're not hungry."
   "I'll go turn on the water for the tea," he went into the kitchen.

    After breakfast, he asked,"What do we do today?"
     "Grocery shopping," I said. "I want to make sure you have some of your
favorite food."
    "You're so good to me," he said. "I don't want you to spend all your
time cooking."
    "I won't," I said. "I want to spend the time with you. That's where
a microwave comes in handy."
    "Oh, so that's what that is for," he laughed.
    "I want you to have everything you want while you're here," I said.
    "Now, what else could I want?" he hugged me.
    "Start thinking of whatever you would like to have before we go," I
suggested. "That way we won't be there for hours."
    "What have you heard?" he laughed.
    "I heard about one of your trips to the supermarket up in Canada," I
    "Oh, that explains it," he said.

    Our grocery shopping list was fairly short, but he was like a kid in
a toy store. It was a joy watching him pick out fruit and veggies. I'd never
had more fun in a grocery store. I usually hated it. Nothing dull about
it when he was there. He even found a copy of one his films that I didn't
have in the video section.
   "I can't believe you don't have this," he said as he paid for it. The
girl looked at hte tape, looked at him, looked back at the tape and back
at him. Of course, he was wearing glasses, but it was quite obvious that
it was him.
   "It's okay," he told the visibly excited young woman. "This is for my
girlfriend. Here. Let me give you an autograph and maybe you'll feel better.
he was so gracious and he even called me his girlfriend!
   "You're his girlfriend?" she asked.
   "Shhhhhhhh," I said. "Yes. Thanks. Please don't tell anyone."
   "I won't," she said. "Thanks! Thanks so much for the autograph. My son
is one of your biggest fans!"
   "How old is he?" he asked.
   "Six," she said.
   "Do you have some paper to write on? Give me your address and his name
and I'll send him an autographed photo. It may take a little time, but I
promise I won't forget," he smiled.
   "Oh, he'll be so thrilled!" she said.
   "That was very sweet of you," I told him as we walked out to the car.

   "Once she recognized me I thought it was the thing to do to offer an
autograph. As for her son, I'm happy to do that for my young fans. They
are our future. It's the least I can do," he said placing bags in the backseat.

   "No wonder they love you so much," I smiled.
   "And you?" he asked.
   "Me, too," I hugged him. "I'm, also, very proud of you. Oh, and what's
this you saying I'm your girlfriend?"
   "You are, aren't you?" he asked.
   "Yes. It just startled me," I said. "I wasn't expecting it."
   "Well, expect it now," he said. "The least anyone will call you now is
my girlfriend."
   "What does that mean?" I asked as he got in and closed the door.
   "Later," he said. "You'll see. I have surprises for you, too. I thought
it wouldn't be appropriate for our first night together."
   "Okay," I said."I'll try to be patient."
   "Patience always pays off," he said as he drove us back to the house.

Part Two

    We returned and there was a message on the answering machine. We heard
the beep that indicated a message. I didn't want to check it. I knew it
had to be for me. Anyone who needed him would be calling on his cell phone.
   "I hate that beep," I said. "But I'm afraid to listen to it."
   "Why?" he asked.
   "I've been getting these spooky messages lately," I answered.
   "Who are they from?" he asked.
   "I don't know and I really don't want to know. either," I said.
   "What do they say?" he asked.
   "It's a song that my father used to sing to me," I said.
   "What's so scary about that?" he asked.
   "It's the way it is sung. It's very spooky," I said.
   "Let me play it," he said. "I can't do anything if I don't know what
it is."
   "Okay," I said and he pushed the play button. As the message began playing
I grabbed hold of his arm. He put his arms around me. "See? I told you."
   "Yes, it is a bit scary," he said. "Who would be doing this?"
   "Like I said I really don't want to know," I said. "Maybe it's just a
Halloween prank."
   "Could be," he said. "It's not funny, though. Do you only get these when
you leave the house?"
   "Sometimes but not all the time," I said. "Do you think someone could
be watching the house?"
   "It's possible," he said. "Let's not jump to conclusions, yet. Let me
see if the phone is tapped." he dialed a rather long number. He shook his
   "It's not tapped," he said. Let's see if they call back while we're here.
I'll answer the phone if it rings. Not to worry." He hugged me tight and
I only wanted to feel close to him. I felt safe with him around.
   During our light lunch the phone rang again and we let the answering
machine get it to see what would happen.
   "Gonna take a sentimental journey," it began. "Gonna set my heart at
ease. "Gonna take a sentimental journey to renew old memories." He took
my hand. My tears rolled down my cheeks. I pushed my cucumber slices away.
I wasn't hungry.
   "You have to eat," he said.
   "I can stand to lose some weight," I said.
   "I know what will make you feel better," he said taking my hand and walking
me to the couch. He sat down and held his arms out to me. I sat down with
him and snuggled. There was nothing more comforting than to have his arms
about me. So comfortable that I dosed off.
   I woke up startled.
   "What?" he asked softly.
   "A scary dream about that song," I said. "The one on the answering machine.
 Just when I thought I was safe in your arms."
   "You are," he said. "Why else would you dose off like that? Have you
been having dreams, too?"
   "Only this one so far," I said.
   "Something must be triggering it," he said. "Or something. I'll see what
I can find out."
   "You are a force to be reckoned with," I said. "I have every confidence
in you."
   "I will teach you," he said. "That way you will know how to do this when
I am not with you. I intend on being with you as much as I can from now
on, but I can't always be with you 24/7, so I need to teach you how to protect
yourself."I could not quite grasp some of what I had just heard. I was content
for the time being until he was ready to share more.
   "I don't ever want to be apart from you again," he said. "Unless it's
something that I can't help like work. He leaned forward and kissed me.
 "I mean it. You make me complete. I need you with me."
   "I feel exactly the same way," I said. "Don't think it's a good idea
to rush things, but now that we're sure it doesn't feel like rushing."
    "I really don't care what anyone else thinks," he said. "We're the only
ones who really matter in this."
   "Absolutely," I said.
   "Then you'll come to live with me," he said. "I'd much rather be down
on one knee asking you to marry me, but I can't, yet." We both knew he had
commitments. "It doesn't mean I won't, but I don't want to be doing that
until the itme is right."
   "Yes, I would love to and I completely understand," I said."No need to
get into that now."
   "That's one thing I love about you," he said. "You understand. I want
it to be perfect when I do ask."
  "I love that we're going to be together," I said. "That's a big step.
Let's enjoy it, okay?"
  "Yes," he said. "Being together is the most important thing. I've never
felt his way before. So intense." He kissed me and the phone rang. He picked
it up.
   "For you," he said. I was so happy that it was a real person. It was
my daughter. She was too excited that I had my very special house guest.
   "What do you want to do to celebrate our new commitment?" he smiled.
"We can't do anything about the other until tonight.I have somehting I
want to share with you. After dinner and you will eat."
   "Yes, Sir," I saluted. "Can I feast on you?"
   "Later," he said. "Then we can feast on each other. That's only the beginning."
   "Oh, my," I said. "I can't wait to find out."
   "Let's heat up something for dinner and then I'll warm you up," he said
in that very inspirational way he had.
   "Already warm," I said rubbing up against him. "Bordering on sizzling
   "Keep that thought through dinner," he kissed me deeply.
   "Not a problem," I said and my eyes twinkled back at him.
   "Pizza," he said. "We could feed each other."
   "This could be interesting," I said.
   "Very," he said. "We can make dinner even more fun."
   "Oh, baby," I said and smiled. "Let's eat then. I'm hungry."
   "I'm famished," he said grabbing and squeezing my backside. he kissed
the back of my neck. I knew it was going to be an extremely fun,hot night.
   During our pizza fest he let his guard down and allowed me to see his
secret. He was gazing deep into my eyes. When he kissed me I felt his tongue.
 It seemed very different. His eyes glowed and he revealed his very long
dragon tongue.
   "Just for you," he said. "I want to show you how devoted I am to you."
   "Wow!" I said. "I thought maybe you thought you were Gene Simmons of
   "Gene Simmons?" he smiled. "No, but I will kiss you like you've never
been kissed before."
   "I can't wait," I said taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom.

   In our dream we seemed to go below the house through some secret room
below the closet. We found ourselves in a dark and gloomy place.
   "This is the spirit world below," he told me. "These are the ones who
can make problems for us if we allow them to."
  "Is it safe here?" I asked.
   "Here," he handed his pounding heart to me. "You keep my Dragon Heart with
you and nothing can harm you. It belongs to you, anyway. You should have
it." He placed it where my heart was and mine took it in. I felt the love
and warmth he had for me and knew I never had to fear again because he would
always be a part of me.
   We saw strange looking people all around staring at us.
   "They are not used to those who are not  like them. They are in a limbo,
unsettled and confused by their passing. That's often why they are playing
games with us. That's all they know. Do you any spirit you know?" he asked.
   "No," I answered. "But I don't know how I could recognize anyone. They're
so unrecognizable." Their forms showed what their obsession had been in life.
All their secrets were now exposed.
  "If you knew one I bet you could see who it had been," he said. "Though
you do have a point. If he or she had not been honest about what their real
love in life would you know them?"
   "Yes," I said. "If it wasn't so spooky here I'd probably be laughing at
some of them."A few males that were very close to us had humongous organs
protruding proudly. It was a no brainer to see what they cared about in
   "Let's go ask someone who I know," he said and we walked down a long
hall until we reached a door that had chinese characters written on it.
"This is it." He knocked ont he door and it opened to a spirit with a very
large head. This spirit had loved knowledge most of all.
   He asked htis spirit about the spooky messages I had been receiving.
The spirit pointed out another spirit that seemed to be darker instead of
   "So you know this one?" he asked.
   "Not at first glance, but let me see," I took a good look at the spirit
that wore a dark heart. "I don't think so. What do we do now?"
   "Good question," he asked. "I've never dealt with a dark heart before.
Let me ask the knowledgeable one for suggestions." I did understand exactly
what they were saying although I did not speak a word of Cantonese.
   "I don't like the way the Dark Heart is looking at me," I said. "Can
we go now?"
   "Wait," he said. "You're in no danger, remember? Glare back at Dark Heart.
 Show him you're not afraid of him." I did and he floated over to me and
looked very seductively at me. He had big violet eyes and was very obvious
with his mouth. He licked his lips. I did not understand his lust.
   Then I grabbed his arm and said,"Maybe it has to do with the fact that
I practiced the black arts as a teenager."
   "You?" He said. "My angel? You never told me you were a dark angel."
   "I used to be years and years ago, nut certainly not anymore," I said.
"Now I think I know why Dark Heart wants me. He wants me to return to my
old ways. That will never happen."
   "He's trying to make you miss the darkness," he said.
   "Yes, but I will never feel that way since I have found my light," I
   "Why don't you tell him?" he asked. "Tell him that you are happy and
you will never want or need him again." Hearing that Dark Heart shrunk back
into his dark corner.
   "I think he got the message," he said. "You shouldn't be having any problems
from him.Howecer, if he teases you from time to time, just ignore him. They
do that sometimes. Once he sees that you are sincere that will be the end."
We were suddenly back in the bedroom.

   When I woke up in his arms I felt completely safe. He stirred as I put
my head on his chest and gave him a big hug.
   "What was that for?" he asked sleepily.
   "For saving me again." I said. "I love the special salvation you give
to me."
  "I love to save you," he kissed me. "I'm very protective of the one I love."
   "I wouldn't have it  any other way," I kissed him back. The rest of our
weekend held much promise now that we only had ourselves to be concerned