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All About Us ("

Our Motto: "Dedicated To Doing Good Deeds In Honor Of Our Hero, Jackie Chan"

Our Pledge
We, the Sisters Of The Dragon, do solemnly pledge to emulate our Big Brother, Jackie Chan, by giving of our time and effort to help all people in need and all God's creatures, to promote international friendship and peace, and to love and respect Jackie Chan forever.

Our Song: "We Will Follow You"
Our Weapon: "The Pillow Of Death" (with thanks to Conan O'Brien)

Our Members:
Kim Trimble, Founder & Si-Je (Big Sister)
Kay Goings, A-Yi (Housemom)
Kari Prince, Je-Je (Sister)
Sarah Buckley, Je-Je
Kay Couper, Je-Je
Tina Derise, Je-Je
Melanie Lewis, Je-Je
Michelle Bergh, Je-Je
Maria Dunn, Je-Je
Ming-Na, Je-Je (honorary)
Lucy Liu, Je-Je (honorary)
Singi Mona, Je-Je
Manuela Wieschman, Je-Je
Andrea Renkel, Je-Je
Jenn Garner, Je-Je
Helen Linn, Je-Je
Julia Langer, Je-Je

We all take our responsibility to our Sisterhood and our Big Brother, Jackie, very seriously. We want to make a difference in our world in following Jackie's example. He is very big hearted and we want to show others how much he means to us as we emulate his generosity and love to all. Our main goal is to honor Jackie. We will do that in whatever ways we can. ("

We are a by invitation only group, but all Jackie fans are a part of the Sing Ga Yun (Jackie family) . We are all one family and we all want to make the world a better place. If we all reach out in our little corner of the world and to the rest of the world as well, we can make a difference. We want to invite everyone to be a part. I am making a change in the Sing Ga Yun mailing list so please feel free to come by and join us. Since there are plenty of Jackie fans lists, I thought that making this one into a list of Mindfulness and supporting and promoting peace would be more helpful.But we won't be limited to that.(O: