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    The first two books listed here are offered at a discount price direct from RoughEdge
    Consultants. Purchase orders and checks accepted. E-mail us or mail your payment
    to RoughEdge Consultants, PO Box 30, Ruston, LA 71273. We usually ship
    the same day a check is received.

    Our remaining books are offered in association with Barnes & Noble after
    carefully considering price and quality. No $60-$70 books listed here. In fact,
    you won't find cheaper prices from the books' own publishers NOR from any
    "police supplier." Barnes & Noble is able to purchase large quantities and offer
    the best prices anywhere. I've checked and can assure you, these books can not be
    found any cheaper than right here!

    These volumes have been chosen for patrol officers and others with the street still
    in their blood. They will hopefully inspire you to perform better and to survive.
    For more information or to order, click on each book title to be carried to
    Barnes & Noble.


Neither Fear Nor Favor
by Wesley Harris
ISBN: 0-9666889-1-0
1999, 217 Pages

Our latest work! Not exactly a "street cop book" but a great escape to something else. Buy direct here for $18.95 (includes shipping) or go to to use a credit card. The true story of a turn of the century U.S. Marshal who helped shaped a small town. An incredible story of an extraordinary man and the town that refused to give in to lawlessness. Note whethere you want the book autographed. E-mail us for more information. (click on author's name above)

Burglary For The Patrol Officer
by Wesley Harris
ISBN: 0-9666889-02
1998, 165 Pages

    Burglary is a problem facing virtually every law enforcement agency in America.
    And we do a pathetic job handling the problem. The national clearance rate for
    solving burglaries is less than fifteen percent. Patrol officers take report after
    report and most cases are closed without arrests or the recovery of property.

    This book fills a tremendous need: providing the patrol officer with tactics and
    information to combat burglary more effectively. Utilizing the strategies in this
    book, patrol officers become more than "report takers." They become the
    agency's foremost tool for reducing burglary.

    Burglary for the Patrol Officer teaches officers that preliminary investigations
    at burglary calls are vital. Crime scene techniques are explained from a patrol
    perspective. Preventive tactics are geared towards proactive measures by patrol
    officers and problem-solving using community resources. The book includes many
    valuable charts and checklists which can be reproduced to aid in investigations.

    Chapters include:

  • Burglary Methods
  • Checking Buildings
  • Searches & Securing Burglarized Buildings
  • Information Collection
  • The Crime Scene
  • Investigative Techniques
  • Think like a Burglar
  • Proactive Field Tactics
  • Cost: Only $12.95 plus $3.00 shipping & handling. Order multiple copies at a
    discount: 11-20 copies are $11.95 each + $2.50 S&H per book.
    21+ copies are $10.95 each + $2.00 S&H per book.

    To order, mail check, money order or purchase order to:
    RoughEdge Publications
    P.O. Box 30
    Ruston, LA 71273

    e-mail or call (318)243-7510

    The following books are offered through Barnes& Click on the title for more information
    or to order the book. ..... .....

First Unit Responder: A Guide to Physical Evidence Collection for Patrol Officers
    I once used a slide presentation called "25 Ways to Screw Up a Crime Scene"
    to teach officers how their actions or inaction could destroy evidence.
    Actually, there's probably a zillion ways to screw up a crime scene. This
    book--written specifically for patrol officers--tells you what you need to know
    without a bunch of gobbledygook meant for forensic experts. Crime clearance
    rates would be higher if we worked to locate and preserve evidence at EVERY crime
    scene. This is one you need!

Force under Pressure: Why Cops Live and Why They Die

This new book features attention-grabbing true stories of police officers and the deadly encounters
they faced. Some lived and some died. This book will help you condition your decision-making and
concentration to better deal with emergency situations. Gives you the keys to developing internal
controls to help you survive any threat. And a great bargain at $18.00.

Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of PersuasionNearly every police officer has heard of "verbal judo" but only a handful have been trained in its use. This book reveals the street-tested techniques that can difuse volatile situations and control verbal confrontations. These proven tactics will help you survive and handle most any situation where communicating with a potential adversary is a must. 222 pages. Only $12.00!

Surviving Street Patrol: Officer's Guide to Safe and Effective Policing

    One of the newest books on the market on police patrol. I have not seen it in the standard distributor catalogs. Excellent volume on patrol tactics and officer survival at a reasonable price. Foreward written by Dave Grossi, one of the top names in police survival training. Check it out!

Street Work: The Way to Police Officer Safety and Survival
    Excellent volume on officer survival tactics at a reasonable price. Check it out!

Street Cop: Innovative Tactics for Taking Back the Streets

    Donovan Jacobs is a street cop's author. He writes in plain language, providing
    practical tips for fighting crime. Much of his policing philosophy hinges on
    the need for all street officers to consider themselves investigators as well.
    His tips will help you successfully fight crime in your community. This book is
    offered by barnes& at considerable savings off the price you find at
    most "police" websites. He also wrote "Street Crime Investigations: A Street Cop's
    Guide to Solving Felony Crimes" if you can find a copy.

Spanish for Law Enforcement

    NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! CHECK BACK LATER. While most books on Spanish for police are little more than a listing of valuable words and phrases, this one includes audiotapes so you can actually hear and practice the words you need. With the continued immigration of Spanish-speaking people into the U.S., this is training is essential.

I Love a Cop
    A tremendous best seller and justifiably so. Officer survival also includes
    fighting mental and emotional battles and the weapons have to include family
    support and communication. Learn how the stresses of the job affect the family
    as well as the officer. Great source of practical guidance on handling shift
    changes, weird hours, and pressures of the job. Identify warning signs of
    dangerous emotional, physical, and behavioral changes. Highly recommended by
    every person I know who has read it.

    NEW!! A Law Enforcement Officer's Guide to Testifying in Court

      Don't let all your good work go down the drain because you experience difficulties on the witness stand. This practical advice will show you how to become an excellent witness and anticipate dirty defense attorney tricks. You won't find a better price.

Tactical Advantage: A Definitive Study of Personal Small-Arms Tactics

    Learn the tactics necessary to survive with this book by an experienced patrol
    officer and SWAT member. The book includes techniques on building searches,
    close-quarter combat, low-light operations, weapon retention and much more. 205
    pages. Over 200 photos.

Fit for Duty
    This book is unique because it examines fitness from the perspective of the law
    enforcement officer. The author's understand the policing lifestyle, the difficulties
    of eating right on the job, and the other obstacles to good health we face. You
    can improve your health and quality of life--as well as your patrol performance--by
    following the principles in Fit for Duty. Includes information on weight management,
    smoking cessation, goal setting, and agency fitness testing. 130 pages.

Practical Aspects of Interview & Interrogation
    The definitive work on interviews and interrogations is now available in an
    inexpensive softcover version. The hardbound edition sells for nearly $60.00.
    This book is practical as the title states, and is just as valuable to patrol
    officers as it is to investigators. My favorite part lists dozens of tactics for
    eliciting confessions. Practical Aspects also covers a simple interrogation plan,
    signs of deception, legal issues and much more. If you purchase a book on
    interviews and interrogations during your career, this should be it.

Practical Homicide Investigation Checklist & Field Guide
    Maybe you don't work homicides every day, but when the call does come, you want
    to handle it correctly. Vernon Geberth is the foremost trainer on homicide
    investigation techniques in the U.S. today. This durable field notebook gives
    patrol officers, supervisors, and investigators checklists to insure complete,
    correct investigations of violent deaths. Don't go to a crime scene without it!

Path of the Warrior: Guide to Personal & Professional Development
    NEW TO THE BOOKSTORE! Warriors are people who choose to walk a separate path from others. This book points the way to the warrior's path by imparting a code of honor that provides an ethical framework for personal development, growth, and professional success. PATH OF THE WARRIOR is for police officers who are searching for practical ways to resolve the complicated dilemmas faced by those who wear a badge.

Copshock: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

NEW TO THE BOOKSTORE! One of the hottest books in the law enforcement market today! Critical incidents and even the everyday stress of the job can be as deadly to your career and personal well-being as bullets. This book by a certified emergency crisis responder will help you survive the hidden dangers of policing.

Check back often for additions to the BOOKSTORE FOR STREET COPS!

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