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Artist: Yungstar
Throwed Yung Playa
Record Label:
Straight Profit Records
yungstar @ epic records

# Title Size Rating Quality I-Drive Location
01. Intro (Yungstar & Denden) 1337kb n/a 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
02. Ballin' For Position (feat. Trey-D & Solo-D) 3837kb 10.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
03. Got's 2 Be Everything (feat. Lil' Flex, Lil' James, Denden, Solo-D & 2-Low) 4470kb 9.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
04. Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall (feat. Lil' Flex) 3125kb 10.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
05. Grippin' Grain (feat. C-Note, Lil' Flip, Kool-Aid, Lil' Pat & Lil' Flex) 4687kb 10.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
06. TYP Throwed Yung Playa (feat. Lil' Flex, Taylor Made, Black 1, Slikk Breeze) 3932kb 9.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
07. Keep It Real (feat. Deep Threat, Lil' Flex, Black 1 & Kool-Aid) 4187kb 9.5 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
08. I'm Still A Baller (feat. T-Pop & Slikk Breeze) 3588kb 9.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
09. Let's Get It Together (feat. Solo-D, T-Pop, Grace, Lil' Flex, Kool-Aid & Slikk Breeze) 4341kb 9.5 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
10. Pimping Pens And Blessing Pads (feat. Grace, Solo-D & E-Clarke) 4663kb 9.5 128kbps /playajay_yungstar01
11. Parlay & Sippin' (feat. Grace, Solo-D & Los Luchano) 5132kb 9.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar02
12. We Got Plex (feat. Wood, C-Nile, Black 1 & Lil' Flex) 4710kb 9.5 128kbps /playajay_yungstar02
13. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (feat. Trey-D, Shorty-D, Lil' Fee, Black 1, Lil' Flex & Lil' Rod-D) 2806kb 9.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar02
14. Commercial (Jay-Mack & Denden) 1751kb n/a 128kbps /playajay_yungstar02
15. June 27 (feat. Trey-D, Black 1, Lil' Flex, Denden, Demo, Grace, Zero, Wood, Solo-D, Lil' Dave, Paparue, Lil' Fee, Taylor Made, Ace Duece, Lil' O, Kool-Aid, PSK-13, RWO, South Park Mexican, Crooks, Mista Madd & Lil' Mario of The Swisha House) n/a 10.0 128kbps /playajay_yungstar02