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Artist: Pharoah
Six Foot Giant
Record Label:
Beat Box Records

# Title Size Quality I-Drive Location
01. Get Paid (feat. Icey Hott) 5.74MB 192kbps pharoah01
02. Struggling For Sanity (feat. Klondike Kat) 5.20MB 192kbps pharoah01
03. Pressure Be Pumping (feat. G-Rapp) 4.74MB 192kbps pharoah01
04. They Gonna Learn (feat. Icey Hott) 5.32MB 192kbps pharoah01
05. What'cha Gonna Do (feat. Icey Hott) 6.60MB 192kbps pharoah01
06. Six Foot Gaint (feat. Louis Gabrielle) 4.45MB 192kbps pharoah01
07. About Being Broke (feat. Louis Gabrielle) 5.59MB 192kbps pharoah02
08. Rock Rock A Bird (feat. Icey Hott) 4.91MB 192kbps pharoah02
09. Watch Dog (feat. Klondike Kat) 4.23MB 192kbps pharoah02
10. On Top Of My Game (feat. G-Rapp) 6.12MB 192kbps pharoah02
11. Pissed Of In The Mind (feat. G-Rapp) 5.28MB 192kbps pharoah02
12. x2c (feat. Louis Gabrielle) 6.77MB 192kbps pharoah02