wolverines on da rise . . .

and well respected! ! !

just peep the game of this random clearbook day. this is how we do.
peace to all da graduated classes out da c.b. "this is the way we ball!"!!!


MAY 14TH 2002:


y.k. early mornin befo' 1st

lil ron & a. hill


lil ron posted up in the commons 1st pd.


lil ron roamin da hallz, "take yo ass to a class nigga"


fine ass melissa yorke, end of 1st pd.

y.k. & jonte` posted on da block


calm yo hormones nigga


mr & mrs gammons


throw it up


get hulled again?!


from left to right-- verneceya, rochelle, (forgot), charity & dominique


tai carr- playa made wit da razor fade


erika, 2nd pd commons "u aint ready!"



my nigga davenger, freshman of da year
hold it down youngsta..


larry lee & "da-real-deal-raheel"


tai carr wit 2 of em, rochelle & charity- before a-lunch


fine ass senorita "lucia" & david russell's black ass


watch ya head lil dirty


j-smitty & rell before 4th pd.


roxanne and claudia after 4th


a.hill & (sm)ashley


tiffany and ashley after 8th


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