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Artist: C-Note of The Botany Boyz
Third Coast Born
Record Label:
Big Shots Records
Website: www.bigshotsrecords.com

# Title Size Rating Quality I-Drive Location
01. Intro 240KB n/a 192kbps c-note_01
02. Geto Starz (feat. Willean & The Big Tymers) 5.16MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_01
03. Diamondz All-N-Yo Face (feat. Lil' Flip & Deep Threat) 7.36MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_01
04. How We Ride (feat. Lil' O & Big Steve aka Mafioso) 5.73MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_01
05. Take It Slow (feat. Vetra) 5.50MB 9.0 192kbps c-note_01
06. Man Hold Up! (feat. Bun-B of UGK) 4.53MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_01
07. One A Day (Skit) 539KB n/a 192kbps c-note_01
08. Block Fo Block (feat. Botany Boyz) 6.34MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_01
09. Nineteen Ninety Grind (feat. Mr. 3-2 & Big Kool) 5.10MB 9.0 192kbps c-note_01
10. Hit Tha Blvd. (Skit) 385MB n/a 192kbps c-note_01
11. MLK (feat. Billy Cook) 4.72MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_01
12. Price On My Head (feat. Godfather & BG Duke) 6.46MB 9.5 192kbps c-note_02
13. Mak'n Cash Forever (feat. Botany BG's, Cresia, E.S.G. & Big Moe) 6.67MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_02
14. G-Strangz (feat. E.S.G. & Big Moe) 4.85MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_02
15. ˘uz'n (Skit) 613KB n/a 192kbps c-note_02
16. Steady Fetti (feat. Harm) 5.96MB 9.0 192kbps c-note_02
17. Third Coast (feat. Fat Pat) 6.13MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_02
18. Screwed Up Click (feat. DJ Screw, Big Hawk, Big Pokey, Al-D, Willean, T-Pop & Enjoli) 10.2MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_03
19. Botany St. (Skit) 273KB n/a 192kbps c-note_03
20. Thought Of Many Wayz (Screwed) (feat. Botany Boyz) 7.82MB 10.0 192kbps c-note_03
21. Outro 6.63MB n/a 192kbps c-note_03