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Artist: Ace Duece
Southern Gutta Butta
Record Label:
Backwoodz Recordz

# Title Size Rating Quality I-Drive Location
01. Searchin' For Platinum & Gold 3.75MB 10.0 160kbps ace-duece_01
02. My City 4.49MB 9.0 160kbps ace-duece_01
03. Duece Thousand (feat. GP Click) 5.33MB 9.5 160kbps ace-duece_01
04. Can I Get Wit U 4.93MB 9.5 160kbps ace-duece_01
05. Southern Gutta Butta 3.67MB 10.0 160kbps ace-duece_01
06. Grippin' Graine (feat. UGK) 5.83MB 10.0 160kbps ace-duece_01
07. Deep In The Barrio (feat. South Park Mexican) 4.14MB 10.0 160kbps ace-duece_01
08. Woe Now (feat. The Screwed Up Clique) 5.50MB 10.0 160kbps ace-duece_02
09. We From The Ghetto (feat. E-Roc & Lo Life) 5.19MB 9.5 160kbps ace-duece_02
10. Dope Cases & Murders (feat. Mista Mike) 3.59MB 9.0 160kbps ace-duece_02
11. It's Goin' Down Tonight 3.36MB 8.0 160kbps ace-duece_02
12. Thro Up Yo Hood 3.86MB 10.0 160kbps ace-duece_02
13. The Hustler's Prayer (feat. Ladies Of Distinction) 3.74MB 8.5 160kbps ace-duece_02