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I don't usually write about original relationships, here you'll find all kinds of things about many different relationships, for instance, in Sailor Moon, I rarely if ever write a MamoruxUsagi story, or in Dragon Ball/Z/GT I have a bit of a tendency to get Goku married to someone else. Live with it people, this is the way I want things on my page.

(evil chuckle) I'm one of the evil ppl. hehehe...


I've tidied up a little bit. Just a little. Got my broken links taken down. *sweatdrop* Which pretty much nullified my links page unless you want to go visiting around Angelfire. WWY?-5 is still taking it's time. I finished the story in my head and I understand it. I finished it on paper and confused the HFIL out of my pre-reader. -_-; I am actually writing, but... honestly? I can hardly ever _finish_ my stories, because I get caught up in the detail work of explaining reactions after the fact, tying up lose ends takes forever and I drive myself batty on the subject until I stop caring and leave the story hanging, until whenever I decide to come back to it.


~Immortal Senshi

- Place for any/all fanfics.

- Obvious. ^_^

- *smirk* I went nuts, so shoot me, I got lots and lots of bishonen I simply adore! Plenty for you to look at. In my opinion anyway. I'm at 170 now, and possibly climbing higher...

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