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Pack 221 of Barron Elementary

This is the web page for Pack 221 of Barron Elementary in Plano Texas. Our charter is to provide a fun, challenging, and rewarding program for boys from age 6 to age 11.

  • Our Cubmaster for the 1999-2000 school year is Bruce Carrico.
  • Our Assistant Cubmaster is Robert Turlington.
  • Our Treasurer is Lisa Shaffer.
  • Our Raingutter Regatta Chairman is Javier Citlain.
  • Our Blue and Gold Chairman is Jim Trobaugh.
  • Our Pinewood Derby Chairperson is Bonnie Wolf.
  • Our Space Derby Chairman is David Shaffer.
  • Our Comittee Chairman is David Shaffer.
  • Click Here to view Pinewood Derby Rules and Hints
    Click Here to view info on our spring break trip to the USS Kidd
    Click Here to go to Schedule and Links for Pack221

    If you are interested in learning more about Pack 221, or joining our group, please click on the email link below.
    Email Cubmaster:
    Email Committee Chairman: