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If you love your freedom...thank a Vet


This wonderful program should be on everyone's bookmark list. Please stop by there and sign up to Adompt-A-Vet.
It will be so IMPORTANT to someone who has given up much for you

Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum

The Moving Wall

Honor a Loved One
A wonderful place to honor your veteran or all veteran's

Please visit this awesome website of Lt Bobby Ross, songwriter, singer, and great American.
His song, "The Ballad of Ira Hayes" recorded by Johnny Cash in 1965 is a legend.


is a Proud Winner of a 2002-2003
Presented by
The International Association of Web Masters and Designers

October 21, 2001 from AOL
My very first graphics award, I am so proud of this.

"I visited your WebSite and found it to be outstanding in appearance and in content.
Your effort to improve the wonder of the Internet is clearly reflected on each page.
Please continue to move ahead with your talents.
Please accept the attached Golden WebPage Award
May God bless you and yours..".
-----George P. Crofton, MSgt, USAF (Retired)

Even prouder of this one. Thank you for your encouragement. Please visit this pheonominal website.
It will make your heart swell with pride to interact with folks like this on the net

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The New Cyber Tech Awards is a FREE service of New Cyber Tech and is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition "As a website evaluator, I have the privilege of viewing many different sites each month. Occasionally I get to view a site that is 'a cut above' the rest. These sites are not necessarily fancy sites that dazzle the senses with elaborate multimedia presentations. Often the very best sites are quite simple, yet well planned and executed."

Thank you Cyber Tech!

On the behalf of the Rogue Warriors: Fallen Knights; we are honored to bestow to you our award. Your website has met our qualifications for an outstanding site.
1. variety and information
2. family site
3. graphics and background
4. easy to read and follow
5. good downloading time
"We would be honored to have you place our award on your page."
The honor doeth be mine Rogue Warriors: Fallen Knights!
Harken, all good and faithful and take thee to this Royal Page

The American Legion Post 10: located in Wenatchee, Washington wishes to honor you with our award for an outstanding web site. Your site passed all our catalogues:
1. Information and variety
2. Family site
3. Easy to read and follow
4. Graphics
5. (the hardest one) I like it
"We would be honored if you would post our award and visit our site."

This is a great honor for me because I'm a member of American Legion Post 13 Auxilliary in Albuquerque, New Mexico
For my sisters and brothers in the American Legion I thank you so very much.