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The glow flickered in the Great Pumpkin's eyes as he told the pumpkins that, alas, he had no more assignments prepared. "It will be up to you to find your own test to show that you will be jack-o-lanterns to be admired", he said with a wide grin.

Burnham began to wilt as he thought of the flat place on his shell. He was so sure the Great Pumpkin had seen it. Harold tried to stand up taller, in case the Great Pumpkin wouldn't notice that he was short and squatty, but to no avail. "We'll never be jack-o-lanterns Burnham", Harold wailed, "we'll never be perfect. We might as well give up now".

Burnham thought a minute, "Hmmm, the Great Pumpkin never mentioned that we had to be perfect, he just said to do our best. Let's see if we can find a test of our own so we can be jack-o-lanterns".
"Do you really think we will? We only have tonight you know", said Harold, "Let's hurry".
So they began their journey. As they came to the edge of the pumpkin patch they heard a soft crying sound. "Why it's the pumpkin that someone stepped on this morning, the one with the crack in it, Harold, maybe we can help" said Burnham, as they hurried over to the sniffling pumpkin.
"I'll never be a jack-o-lantern, no one wants a pumpkin with a crack in it" Elmo bemoaned, "I'll be left here in the pumpkin patch to rot, I'll never be any good to anybody".
"Here, here Elmo Pumpkin, just because you have a crack doesn't mean that farmer Jones won't want you. You could go home with him to feed the cows. You'll make them strong and healthy, then they'll give rich buttery milk for the children. Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?" explained Harold.

Elmo's sniffles ceased immediately as he said, "How wise you are, Harold.

I'll go tell the Great Pumpkin at once"......

...and the story continues