First True Love
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First True Love

Apprehensive I came down to you,

Slipped your halter o'er ears so tall

You gobbled up your treat, I slipped the billet through,

the brass buckle on your headstall.

You nudged my shoulder seeking grain,

I tied you in the aisle,

You bumped me gently once again,

I groomed you for awhile.

Carefully I checked your tack,

Flip your reins o'er your neck,

Your saddle snug upon your back,

and then I pause for just a "sec".

I see your nose and brilliant eye,

Your forelock tossed into the sky,

Along your back, my eyes do fly,

'till they've seen from jaw to shining thigh.

And then all at once I'm up,

Cautious in my manner,

For with the slightest "giddy-up"

You'll fly from my hand like a wind-whipped banner.

We slowly walk around the ring,

'till the circles make us tire,

But it is such a splendid thing,

To at last be astride your blazing fire,

Now I urge you to a trot,

Dreaming of the time,

When we'll reach all that we've sought,

Just one moment in the lime.

In a blur our magical ride is done,

I pat you a gentle goodbye,

Instead of galloping down the field at a headlong breadneck run,

You look me squarely in the eye.

Promising the rides to come,

Promising my bliss,

Telling me we both have won,

The key to each others happiness.

Years later from that memorable day,

You've now run the Scottsdale floor,

I watch you old and slow and grey,

And I know I love you even more.

By: Ariel Holman
(Dedicated to Trifaraii, the arab mare who taught me more than any instructor)

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