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By: Rene Tiffin
(dedicated to my Arab mare, Ginger, who had the most mysterious, wild eyes I have ever seen)

As you galloped and bucked,
I stood hopelessly with the lead shank in hand,
you would stop and stand.
But no.
Your sleek Arab legs churned as you ran and ran,
Giving me no hope of catching you.
I consider leaving and driving away in the van,
For I didn't think I could tame this wild mare.
Then I look you in the eye.
You spun and galloped towards me.
I thought I was about to die.
But you slid to a stop, just yards away.
Hooves pawed the ground and your whinny would sound.
A speckled mane shook as you snorted.
Such wild threats, but I held my ground.
The spirited look in your dark eyes captured me.
I suddenly understood you.
You weren't crazy and dangerous,
Just begging for someone to give you understanding, but who?
The wranglers bullied you.
You struck out in fear.
But be afraid no more!
It's okay, baby, I'm here.
I took you home, I wouldn't hurt you.
And I made sure you knew.
You read my mind on morning as I asked for a gallop
I felt your golden legs move as we ran in the dew.
Now your gone, never to come back.
No, it can't be!
I'll never forget that day I met you.
For it was those eyes that captured me....

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