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Sacred Steeds
(Submitted by: Rachel)

Manes tossing
Muscles rippling in the soft summer breeze
Faces with so much to say and express
They almost look human
How we coaxed them into our ways
To haul tough loads
To travel hard miles
On the Pony Express
For them to do our will
Without asking for anything in return
To endure harsh winters
And to live through boiling summers
And still do our word
Without refusing
To give us joy
Without knowing it
And to touch our world
With a sense of tranquility
Beneath their light, airy steps
Beneath their harsh, cold ways
To let us know
The truth of the steed
That brought us tales and stories to share
Everyone, take a look at man's real best friend
Everyone, take a look at the sacred steed
Everyone, take a look at...
The Horse

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